Improve Your Internal Business Communication with VoiceNEXT

Improve Your Internal Business Communication with VoiceNEXT

Improve Your Internal Business Communication with VoiceNEXT

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How We Help Streamline Your Internal Business Communication

Communication is key for any business, especially internally. Ensuring all employees and teams are on the same page is pivotal for any business to operate efficiently. However, many businesses utilize several communication apps, websites, and devices that are not unified, making it hard to practice effective communication. VoiceNEXT has developed an answer to this problem, keeping businesses communicating easily and efficiently with our all-in-one solution.

What We Offer

VoiceNEXT offers a variety of products designed to help streamline communication for businesses. Our phone system can be adapted to fit your company’s needs and provides a unified experience for all employees, whether they’re in the office or working remotely. Best of all, they are all available on one reliable platform.

We’ve implemented compatibility, mobility, and integration as key components in our services to improve internal business communication for any organization.


VoiceNEXT’s phone system works across all devices, whether you’re using it on your smartphone, computer, or standard desk phone. Our Communicator app offers powerful Unified Communications features, including talk, text, fax, and meetings on any operating system. This ensures that all your employees can effectively use their VoiceNEXT services to communicate with one another, regardless of their device or work location. Best of all, all your communication tools are neatly packaged in one easy-to-use product.


The modern work environment has shifted, with some employees permanently working from home or hybrid options that allow businesses to have employees working from home or in person.

For completely remote workers, our services allow any employee to take their extension with them anywhere they go. Our mobile app keeps your team connected from a smartphone, laptop, or desk phone—or all three at once.

Our solution is also perfect for hybrid work models. Keep a desk phone in the office and our Communicator app on your employees’ smartphones, allowing them the ability to work from home or the office. Want to keep costs down? Try our “Hot Desking” feature that allows anyone to login to a single desk phone when needed. This feature is perfect for the hybrid office as it allows your team members to work from one device on a rotating schedule.

No matter where your business takes you, VoiceNEXT’s phone system will keep you connected.


VoiceNEXT services can also be seamlessly integrated into external business software, further streamlining your communications and increasing productivity.

Our Communicator app integrates flawlessly with Outlook, Google, and smartphone contacts in one unified place. This allows your team to access all contacts across any device.

CRM integration keeps your valuable client data in the palm of your hands. Compatible with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Bullhorn, Zoho, and many more, your business can literally operate from anywhere.

Improve Internal Business Communication with VoiceNEXT

If your company is looking for a phone system to improve internal business communication, connect with VoiceNEXT today! Contact us for a free quote and see what services work best for your business.

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