How Our Cloud Technology Benefits Your Business

How Our Cloud Technology Benefits Your Business

How Our Cloud Technology Benefits Your Business

How Our Cloud Technology Benefits Your Business 1280 850 VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company

3 Benefits of Our Cloud Technology for Your Business

Cloud technology can help your business soar to new heights, especially when it comes to your phone system. VoiceNEXT’s cloud-based services offer multiple advantages to help boost internal business communication, increase uptime, and offer a better experience for your customers. Here are the top three benefits of our cloud technology to help improve your business.

1. Unify Your Business Communications

When you switch to VoiceNEXT, our cloud technology enables you to create a fully unified business phone system. This means your calls, business text messaging, fax, conferencing, and video meetings are all in one place, with one login. Unified Communication is invaluable as it increases the productivity of your organization and keeps your entire team in sync.

2. Flexibility

VoiceNEXT’s cloud technology can easily be adapted to fit your business’s communication needs. Since the entire system is hosted in the cloud, your business can access critical communications from anywhere you have internet access.

If your office makes a move or your team works remote, our solution makes it easy to do so. There is no equipment to move or manage and no downtime. Just pick up your phones and go or install our Communicator app on any device for completely mobile business communication.

If you need to make changes to your phone system, add or remove employees, or do an emergency call forward, do it all in seconds from any web browser.

3. Increased Uptime

Our local and geographic cloud architecture gives your business maximum uptime. Having your phone system hosted in the cloud means that even if your office loses power or internet, your customers will never hear a busy signal.

Automatic failover routing allows your calls to go to an alternate destination in the event your phones are not reachable. Scheduled operation times allow calls to be directed to different places during different days or time slots, so your business is never closed.

No matter what the world throws at you, your business will always be up and ready to respond with VoiceNEXT.

Boost Your Business with Cloud Technology

Enjoy the advantages of cloud technology by reaching out to VoiceNEXT today! Contact us to receive a free quote and learn about our other services designed to support your business.

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