Different Types of VoIP Phones

Different Types of VoIP Phones

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If you are going to make a VoIP phone system a part of your business, then it’s important that you are informed. Thankfully, you have us at VoiceNEXT to help you out. VoIP is the evolution of telephony, and its technology comes in many forms. Learn about the different types of VoIP phones available, as well as the best use for them.

Conference Phones

We have discussed conference phones before. They are an integral part of any business who wishes to have meetings with clients. A VoIP conference phone are similar to regular one. They allow communication between multiple people. You are able to add several party members to the call through what is often called a conference bridge.

Wireless IP Phones

Have you ever experience a pesky dead zone? Entered an area, only to have the bars on your phone drop significantly? You are not alone. Unfortunately, there are sometimes when your phone loses service. As a business owner, you can’t afford to miss any calls. With wireless IP phones, you won’t. Simply connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and you’re ready to work.

Desktop VoIP Phone

This is the standard of VoIP. All the features of a normal phone, and the benefits of VoIP technology. It connects via Ethernet to your phone system, ensuring that you have quality calls all the time.

Softphones and USB VoIP Phones

These two phone usually go hand in hand. A softphone is a software application rather than an actual phone. Once installed onto your computer, you can make calls from there. You can even connect a USB phone to your computer via a USB jack. This way you can communicate as you would with any regular phone.

Video Phone

Sometimes it’s better to speak face to face. However, it might be hard to do that when clients are thousands of miles away. With Video phones, you can not only see each other but give presentations to clients as if they were in the room.

Hopefully, this will get you started. Choose the right VoIP phones for your needs. If you need help, call us at VoiceNEXT or browse our catalog of phones.

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