Evaluating the Need for a New Telephone System

Evaluating the Need for a New Telephone System

Evaluating the Need for a New Telephone System

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Choosing your business’ telephone system can be a daunting task. It’s not always easy for a company to switch over to something completely new that can change how it operates. Nor is it easy for a new business to decide what communication system will benefit them the most. However, as a business owner, you can make the change less stressful. By evaluating your company’s need for a new system, you can also find the right one for you.

Trouble in Communication Paradise

The first thing you should do is look at the issues you are having with your communication system. Asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are there enough phones for the employees in your office?
  • Do you miss important calls when you are away from work?
  • Do your employees use their cell phones to do business because the company phones lack the features they need?
  • Is your company suffering charges from long-distance calls?

All of these questions impact your everyday operations. Imagine how much your business would improve is these issues were taken care of. You would be able to do more while satisfying your employees and customers at the same time.

Costs Means Everything

Every purchase your business makes is important. Some investments are worth what you pay for them and others are not. Your telephone system shouldn’t be one of those investments that break the bank. It should be able to support your business in a way that makes it worth what you are spending to keep it running. Even then, the costs shouldn’t be too high. If you need help figuring out if you telephone provider is worth the money you are paying, keep track of dropped calls, call quality, and how well it handles large call volumes.  This should put the value of your communications in perspective.

Consider an IP Telephone

At VoiceNEXT, we provide a hosted PBX. A hosted PBX is an IP phone system, where you receive quality sound and reliable service through the internet. This kind of system offers amazing features like an Auto Attendant, Voicemail to Email, and Follow Me. When looking at your options, an IP phone system is something that you should consider.

If you are going to use an IP Phone, think about what you want in your office. While some businesses prefer to have bulky equipment, smaller businesses may not be able to afford the same luxury. Thankfully, there is another solution that most businesses choose. With a hosted PBX, your provider takes care of the equipment and manages it offsite. All you have to worry about is which phones you want in the office.

Usability Helps Your Employees

When choosing your phones, you should also evaluate what your employees need and can use. If communication with clients or customers is a crucial part of your business, then you will need a system that they know how to use. Usability is important, especially when your employees need to be able to forward calls to the right departments and maintain quality assurance. If many of your employees complain that the telephone system is hard to understand and causing their mistakes, then it’s time for a change.

Finding the Right Provider

If you are really considering a change, contact us at VoiceNEXT. Let us be your next phone company. Some of the benefits that come with our Hosted PBX include:

  • No bulky equipment
  • No added expenses
  • Fast and reliable services
  • Add new lines and new phones
  • Connection to mobile devices
  • Email notification
  • Web-based administration

It’s the perfect option for the workplace. Our services don’t stop there either. We provide you with disaster recovery services that keep your system from going down when you need it the most. Find out more about VoiceNEXT, and browse through our phones to see what options are available for your company.

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