Your WFH Office Space and What It’s Missing

Your WFH Office Space and What It’s Missing

Your WFH Office Space and What It’s Missing

Your WFH Office Space and What It’s Missing 1280 850 VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company

Your WFH Office Space and What It’s Missing

When it comes to navigating your job from home, it’s imperative to have a productive spot to work. Whether you’re taking calls in your living room or attending Zoom meetings from your basement, your WFH office space is an important part of your daily routine. Take pride in the area you work in and consider enhancing your home office. You can do this in a variety of ways.

3 Tips to Improve Your WFH Office Space

Depending on your WFH situation, you may be moving around your house or stuck at your desk all day. Regardless, it’s safe to assume you’ll be needing a few upgrades to enhance your WFH experience. Fortunately, we’ve come up with several ideas to improve your at-home workspace positively.

Tip #1. The Freedom to Customize your Space

There are many benefits to having an at-home office, rather than a typical cubicle at your job. You have more freedom to customize your workspace with anything- from posters of your favorite shows to fun desk toys. Your judgment-free space can have other decorations and gadgets to enhance your work experience.

Consider adding a soft desk lamp or a candle to add levity to stressful days. Being that it’s your own space, you can also add other soothing amenities like small plants, an oil diffuser, or incense sticks.

Treat this space as an extension of your workday needs. If you find that you’re constantly snacking, consider adding a mini fridge underneath your desk. If you prefer to work from your bed, purchase a portable laptop desk. There are so many ways to customize your desk, workspace, and overall office experience when you WFH.

Tip #2. Prioritize Health, Fitness, and Comfort

Your WFH office space may benefit from adding a small fitness center. Buying a simple yoga mat and weights and having a designated spot to blow off steam during the workday can absolutely come in handy. Similarly, a yoga ball provides excellent stretching for your back. Ergonomic seating can do wonders to improve your WFH experience. Finding a chair that supports your spine should also be a top priority when upgrading your home office.

There are several ergonomic products on the market to consider adding to your workspace. Helping to reduce wrist strain and keep you focused, consider buying a specially curved mouse. In fact, a study by ChevronTexaco found that after implementing ergonomic office accessories, 44% of the study’s participants lowered their risk levels, and it proved to be beneficial for productivity and morale.

Tip #3. Have Reliable Connectivity

No matter where your business is operating from, it’s important to have reliable connectivity. That’s why VoiceNEXT is a leader in implementing our phone systems for companies small and large, helping them build stronger communication. Since WFH office spaces can be in a variety of locations, VoiceNEXT offers several solutions to keep you connected. From Wifi boosters to cordless phones and computer applications, we have a solution that will keep you connected to your business regardless of location. We know that working far apart can be tedious, and that’s why our state-of-the-art technology can make your WFH office experience all the better. If you have an internet connection, we will find a reliable communication solution for you and your team. Our reliable service and unmatched affordability will bring your home workspace to new heights.

Upgrade with VoiceNEXT Today

Working from home is an exciting opportunity to customize your workspace, incorporate health and fitness into your workday, and VoiceNEXT’s reputable phone system will keep you connected all day long. To learn more about VoiceNEXT, contact us today.

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