VoIP Customer Service

VoIP Customer Service

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VoIP Customer Service – Crucial to Your Business

In a marketplace which is crowded with vendors trying to convince you their VoIP phone service is the best, it can be difficult to differentiate between providers. After all, the service tends to be very similar, the features tend to be very similar, and the technology is exactly the same – so what is it that can separate one VoIP service provider from another?

The answer is the same as it is for other industries where competition is fierce – customer service. In today’s world, customer service has grown to achieve much greater significance than ever before. In years past, a customer who had a negative experience might tell one or two people about it, and there would be minimal impact to the company which offered the service.

Today, when a customer has a negative experience with a company, they might go online and share it with a number of friends, or write a review about the negative experience. In either case, that one negative customer experience can literally reach hundreds, and perhaps thousands or even more people who might be potential customers.

For that reason, customer service is one of the most crucial aspects of any business these days, and it has to be given tremendous consideration. Pricing and company branding is not so very different from one business to the next, and that means customer service has to be one of the things that stands out the most in recommending a company to potential customers.

How VoIP can Help With Customer Service

You might not see the immediate connection between VoIP and customer service, but try thinking about how dominant VoIP is in the telephone service market, and about how much more customers enjoy their calling experiences on a VoIP system. While many companies have established websites, social media channels, and live chat options for customer interactions, most people still prefer to talk to another person.

That means that the experience enjoyed by a customer calling your company could be a make-or-break kind of situation which affects many other clients as well. When people do make a call to a company for some reason, they expect that someone will be available to take their call, and that they won’t be put on hold, or bounced around between several departments.

Years ago, that is exactly what happened, simply because most companies lacked the resources to have a full-time dedicated call center, along with professionals who were capable of providing great customer service. Nowadays however, VoIP has changed all that. Those kinds of services are not only commonplace with VoIP, they are actually standard services which are made available to even the smallest of businesses.

In fact, a small business can take on the appearance of a very large corporation if it has a sophisticated VoIP phone system in place. Even a very small business can afford to have a virtual receptionist, office directories, ACD queues, and can provide services that were once available only to large corporations with impressive balance sheets.

Drawbacks to VoIP?

If all this sounds too good to be true, you’re probably thinking that there must be a drawback to installing VoIP. In fact, there were definitely some bumps and bruises along the way which VoIP technology had to solve, in order to provide these fantastic customer services. However, the very nature of VoIP is centered around its flexibility, and once you have your workplace set up with the right features and options, your business can also distinguish itself with super customer service.

Many VoIP vendors will even help you by customizing a solution to your particular needs, so that your company is capable of satisfying all its customers in a superior fashion. There is no one-size-fits-all installation for VoIP system, and the good thing about this is that your own implementation of the service can be honed until it’s absolutely perfect.

Distinguish Your Company Through Your VoIP Customer Service

There is no doubt that VoIP technology can help your company take the customer experience to a much higher level. Starting with an auto attendant, you can install whatever features you need, so that your customers will enjoy the optimal experience every time they contact your company with any kind of issue.

A virtual receptionist can direct calls to the correct department or individual, they can answer basic questions, and they can ensure that every caller reaches their intended destination on the very first attempt. These simple implementations of features will satisfy the vast majority of your customers, and make them think favorably of your company because of the good experience they had making the call.

On top of this, you can enjoy other VoIP technology benefits such as integrating your system with other applications like CRM. This too, can be a huge customer benefit, because you have all the customer’s information available to you right at your fingertips on a call. When you don’t have to keep asking the same questions of customers, and you can appear to know all about them because their information is right before you, it can provide a very favorable impression of your company.

You can also bring your service department much closer to your sales department by using VoIP features, and this will also contribute to providing better customer service. Almost any of the features you choose to implement at your company will end up being a huge benefit both for your employees’ productivity, and for the level of customer service you are able to provide to all your callers.

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