VoiceNEXT Cares Foundation’s Charitable Impact

VoiceNEXT Cares Foundation’s Charitable Impact

VoiceNEXT Cares Foundation’s Charitable Impact

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The Work of the VoiceNEXT Cares Foundation

The founders of VoiceNEXT, Gary and Michael, were first introduced in 2003. The two bonded over the same problem with phone companies—the lack of quality customer service. Together they created VoiceNEXT using the latest phone system technology, which provides its clients superior communication and world-class support for all their needs! VoiceNEXT began with the goal to help not only Fortune 500s but also not-for-profit organizations. We have been donating hardware as well as discounting our services for qualified not-for-profit organizations since our inception in 2004. Learn more about the VoiceNEXT Cares Foundation to see if your organization qualifies.

Our Philanthropic Arm­: VoiceNEXT Cares Foundation

In addition to creating an unmatched phone system, VoiceNEXT’s founders knew a philanthropic element was necessary for the business. Thus, they created VoiceNEXT Cares Foundation.

VoiceNEXT is committed to helping others and giving back. VoiceNEXT gives over $50k in free equipment and service discounts every year through our VoiceNEXT Cares Foundation. Our Foundation is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge communication solutions to organizations that help people and our environment.

We work to help qualified not-for-profit organizations stretch their budgets by assisting them with new phone systems and reducing monthly service costs. We help organizations get an enterprise-grade phone system at a fraction of the cost!

Who Qualifies for a VoiceNEXT Cares Discount?

We know connectivity should be accessible for everyone. That’s why our company strives to bring our philanthropic initiatives to customers in need. Here are some past organization types and non-profit categories that have benefited from our services:

  • Organizations that assist people with mental health concerns through supportive housing and social services
  • Organizations whose mission is to protect, preserve, and restore our natural environment
  • Public and private libraries
  • Volunteer fire departments
  • Substance abuse organizations
  • Organizations involved in teaching literacy to underprivileged children
  • Organizations that advocate for the removal of children from situations of abuse or neglect

We know every organization is different in its size, strategy, and mission, which is why we review every application individually and respond with a custom solution. Equipment and service rates are determined by our Board of Directors based on equipment availability, market rates for phone service, and the size and scope of the applying organization.

Where Should a VoiceNEXT Cares Request Be Submitted?

Curious if your organization qualifies for an impactful grant? Donation requests may be submitted at any time through:

Choose VoiceNEXT for Your Business

VoiceNEXT’s cloud-based phone systems provide an excellent way for businesses to improve communication in any setting. We have all the cutting-edge features your organization needs, backed by a 24/7/365 unmatched customer support team! Contact us to learn more.

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