Tips on Virtual Lesson Planning for Teachers

Tips on Virtual Lesson Planning for Teachers

Tips on Virtual Lesson Planning for Teachers

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Virtual Lesson Planning Tips & Tricks to Try this School Year

Many schools are returning to in-person learning. However, that doesn’t mean virtual days or virtual lessons are obsolete. Lesson planning is an essential teaching practice that ensures course material is well thought out, compliments each other, and follows a timeline that makes sense. While you may already be a master at in-person teaching, virtual lesson planning is all about utilizing technology and online tools to help teachers and students alike.

Virtual Lesson Plan Ideas

  • Use the screenshare feature. Everyone learns differently. Some students are visual, auditory, reading, or hands-on learners. That’s why it’s crucial to have a virtual lesson plan that offers a variety of practices. By sharing your desktop, browser, program, or document, you can talk through visual presentations to keep the attention of more students.
  • Utilize video chat. Video platforms have a chat room where you can share links or add any notes throughout class time. Also, encourage students to drop any questions in the chat so they won’t interrupt the lesson. Students can also send a message directly to the teacher, not everyone, to submit an answer or ask a private question.
  • Try breakout rooms. For group projects or assignments, teachers should try breakout rooms. The platform can either randomly group students or have the rooms assigned. Teachers can also enter the room at any moment to check in on students.
  • Encourage video emoticons. Many video platforms have emoticons that students can use throughout the lesson to virtually raise their hand. This can be used to ask a question, answer a question, take a poll, and more.

Setup Your Remote Workspace

As a teacher and host of a virtual classroom, it’s essential to have a working remote setup and proper technology. Having adequate lighting, an appropriate background, and a quiet workspace are minimum requirements. You’ll also need reliable internet connectivity, video and audio, and a meeting software.

Improve Your Virtual Lessons with VoiceNEXT

Virtual lesson plans for teachers don’t have to be a challenge. VoiceNEXT’s Meetings software offers trusted video calls to keep you and your students connected and collaborating. It can be downloaded on MS Windows, Mac OS, or Linux operating systems. We also are official distributors of Yealink headsets, meaning your input and output audio will be of the highest quality. If you’re interested in bringing VoiceNEXT’s software to your school district, contact VoiceNEXT for packaging and pricing options.

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