The Countless Benefits of Cloud Technology

The Countless Benefits of Cloud Technology

The Countless Benefits of Cloud Technology

The Countless Benefits of Cloud Technology 1275 850 VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company

Understanding the Benefits of Cloud Technology

You need a phone system that can keep up with your business as it grows, but traditional phone systems are expensive, one-dimensional, and difficult to manage.

A cloud-based phone system is a perfect solution for businesses expanding quickly or for those with multiple locations. Hosted Phone Systems offer 99.9% uptime, seamless scalability, and easy web-based administration, meaning you can manage your phone system from anywhere.

The cloud also provides the added benefit of ongoing upgrades and new features, all at no cost or time for your business. No on-site equipment to manage or expensive maintenance contracts! If you have access to the internet, you have access to your phone system and the latest in cutting-edge features.

Is Cloud Computing Best for Your Business?

Here’s why VoiceNEXT’s cloud-based phone system is right for your business:

  • Local & Geographic Redundancy—99.9% phone-system uptime
  • Full suite of business communications tools—SMS messaging, video conferencing, fax, voicemail to email, and all phone services
  • UC applications compatible with any operating system—MS Windows, Mac OSX, Windows/MSI, and Linux
  • Scalability—easily adapt your phone system as your business grows and evolves
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant communications
  • 24/7/365 US-Based Support Team
  • No bulky equipment or hardware is necessary
  • No added expenses or hidden fees
  • CRM Integration

With the help of cloud-based services, your workplace can be transformed into an efficient, high-functioning business. The core component in this transformation is a hosted phone system that allows you to communicate with anyone on any device, anywhere, at any time—all while maximizing productivity by having everything available through one connected platform.

Benefits of Using Cloud Technology for Your Business

Being able to communicate from anywhere is a game-changer in modern business. With fluid world events and constantly shifting work environments, keeping your team connected and flexible is more important than ever.

Additionally, the cloud offers local and geographic redundancy, offering unparalleled up-time. Even if your office loses power or internet, the cloud still handles your calls. With the ability to automatically route calls to alternate destinations in the event of an outage, you will truly never miss a call.

Since VoiceNEXT hosts the entire phone system in the cloud, your business has no expensive equipment to manage. This reduces overhead and gives you a quick return on investment while saving you money every month versus a traditional phone system.

Enhance Your Business with VoiceNEXT

Businesses that have been using traditional phone systems for years can now take advantage of the latest in cloud technology from VoiceNEXT. We provide everything you need to take your business to the next level in communication. From the start of the sales process, our team will work with you to make your new phone system work the way your business works—not the other way around. Once you are fully deployed in the cloud, our 24/7/365 support team is always available to answer any questions, make changes, or troubleshoot any problems.

VoiceNEXT is a leading cloud communications provider with years of experience helping businesses switch to cloud technology. With our Hosted Phone System, you get all the benefits of cloud technology without any of the hassle. If you’re looking for the best cloud communication solution, contact us online or call 888-369-NEXT (6398) for a free consultation!

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