The Best Google Voice Alternative – VoiceNEXT

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The Best Google Voice Alternative – VoiceNEXT

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Why VoiceNEXT is Your Google Voice Alternative

Google Voice is a flawed system with not nearly as many features as VoiceNEXT. We have found that there is a stark divide between our online management systems, the biggest difference being integration. Finding documents and transferring phone calls is nearly impossible to figure out on Google Voice’s complex system. Alternatively, VoiceNEXT offers a seamless and integrated network that connects all your devices without fail.

VoiceNEXT’s superior features, ease-of-use, and on-demand support make it the best google voice alternative to meet your office needs.

The Problem with Google Voice

It’s essential to keep everyone connected and able to answer calls on a dime. You never know when your business will need your attention, so having that long-range connectivity is crucial.  One of the most glaring faults of Google Voice is its inflexible feature sharing across devices. Their software makes it very hard to transfer content between users and devices, creating a fragmented experience for your staff.

Similarly, even though Google Voice has a Contacts section, newly added business accounts get muddled in with personal contacts. That mess results in a cluttering of contacts that can’t be shared company wide. This means contact books are not transferrable, which can be a real detriment to keeping your office workflow in order.

What VoiceNEXT Can Achieve  

A valuable feature that VoiceNEXT offers that the competition doesn’t is access to our state-of-the-art cloud technology. VoiceNEXT was built from the ground-up to create and manage business phone systems. That means more features and a seamless communications experience across your organization. More than just capable of holding your data, we pride ourselves on the ability to keep it secure from hackers. Your data privacy is imperative to your company and needs to be in a safe place. We can offer you the best features and tightest security for your business’s important information.

VoiceNEXT Can Do It All for You

Consider VoiceNEXT to make an unmatched impression on your clients. Our services allow you to choose custom hold plays when your line is busy, along with a fully customized auto attendant. This fun way to personalize your hold music and greetings is a great opportunity to leave a mark on callers. Good hold music can also keep callers on the line longer, which is always a positive. From your basic feature set to custom audio options, robust conferencing solutions, and state-of-the-art unified communications software, VoiceNEXT can do it all. If you can come up with a communications challenge, VoiceNEXT has the solution.

Choose VoiceNEXT for Your Office

If you’re looking for a fully integrated and seamless way to connect all your business’s devices, choose VoiceNEXT for the job. Google Voice and its outdated, outmatched features just can’t compete. To learn more about our unique services, contact VoiceNEXT.


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