The Benefits of Voicemail to Email

The Benefits of Voicemail to Email

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The Benefits of Voicemail to Email – Voicemail offers you the chance to catch up with clients, and never miss their messages. However, in the ever-changing technological world, we need to be able to react to these messages as quickly as possible. You can’t have your clients waiting for too long, otherwise this tarnishes your reputation and risk losing them.

That’s why you need the Voicemail to Email feature. Voicemail to Email is one of VoIP’s intuitive business communication features. Find out how it works, as well as the feature’s benefits.

What Is Voicemail to Email?

Voicemail to Email is fairly self-explanatory. When a client leaves a message on your phone, that message is digitized, transcribed, and received via email. It’s a simple feature, but it is important one as well. This makes your day-to-day operations much simple, and your business runs better than ever. Here’s why:

No Misinterpretations – Let’s be honest, it can be hard to understand what people are saying when they leave a message. When this happens, you have to listen to that same message two or three times just to make sure that you get the proper details. With Voicemail to Email, everything is written down for you to read. There are no misinterpretations and the message gets across clearly.

Operations Run Faster – If a client has left you an important message, Voicemail to Email allows you to send that transcript to other employees. This keeps everyone updated on the what is happening with clients and their needs. It also makes the details much clearer so that everyone understands what is needed.

Mp3 Version of Voicemail – Not only does Voicemail to Email transcribe the message, but it coverts it to an mp3 file. Unfortunately, phone carriers tend to erase emails after a certain time. Even worse, if you have too many voicemails in your inbox, it can become full on your phone. When your inbox becomes full, clients cannot leave you messages. As a business, we know that a lot of your voicemails are important. With an mp3 version in your email, you can save and file your important messages for when you need them.

Using a VoIP Service Provider

Voicemail to Email is just one of VoIP’s many features. And with internet telephony, you can count on an affordable service for all of your business needs. So, contact us at VoiceNEXT. Talk with a representative and why VoIP is right for your company. The internet has paved the way to the future. Don’t get left behind.

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