SMS Delivered to your Desktop? The Future of Texting Is Here


SMS Delivered to your Desktop? The Future of Texting Is Here

SMS Delivered to your Desktop? The Future of Texting Is Here 1280 850 VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company

How TextNEXT Can Deliver You the Future of Texting

Here’s a fun fact about text messaging: 81% of Americans text regularly! Over 6 billion texts are sent every day, and more than 180 billion texts are sent every month. 27 trillion texts are sent every year, with that number expected to rise as texting remains the supreme form of quick communication. SMS messaging is the future of texting.

SMS has never been more popular. American- and international- texting continues to grow faster than any other form of electronic communication. And why not? SMS is fast, simple, and easy to use. The only downside – until now – is that it’s been limited to mobile devices. But what if you could send and receive text messages from your computer or laptop?

Thanks to VoiceNEXT, texts can now be sent from a PC, tablet, or smartphone! You can connect your business phone number to TextNEXT with just a few simple clicks. From then on, your business’s main phone number will have the ability to send and receive text messages – directly from your computer or smartphone. This service offers an alternative way to stay connected to your employees and customers and efficiently promotes your business.

Our Favorite Features on VoiceNEXT’s TextNEXT

Effective voice communication is already a VoiceNEXT guarantee. With TextNEXT, you can expand the functionality of your business phone number to include SMS and MMS. Here are some of our favorite and most useful features that can be found on TextNEXT.

Simplify Scheduling, Blasts, and Drip Campaigns

An incredible feature of our TextNEXT service is our message scheduling, blasts, and drip campaigns. We allow our clients to reach multiple customers at once. Using the scheduling feature, you can automate texts to be sent at times when you’re not even near an electronic device. This can help make remote work easy or benefit companies that send out routine messages. By strategically scheduling the times for your messages, you’re helping to improve the relationship with your team and clientele.

Customizable Auto-Reply Options

We also offer the auto-reply option so you can respond to texts. Categorize and customize your responses by specific keywords detected in the message. Our system will send back a predetermined, articulate, and clear response. This can save you time when it comes to managing your email inbox and incoming clients. It can also help filter out distracting spam so you can focus on replying to messages that really matter.

Easy API Integration

Another useful feature that VoiceNEXT’s TextNEXT service can offer is API integration. We can easily integrate our TextNEXT technology with your existing CRM or support desk software. And we always have eager employees on standby to help you navigate any setup or troubleshooting issues you might encounter.

TextNEXT ties into your main business number and is managed from a secure web or mobile app. Adding this option for your team will help bring next-level texting communication to your company.

VoiceNEXT is the Solution for You

Are you eager to learn more about how SMS messaging can benefit your business? Do you want to send and receive SMS texts on your computer or laptop using your business phone number? Now it’s possible. With our new TextNEXT desktop app, we’ve taken texting into the digital age by putting this simple tool at your fingertips.

We hope you choose VoiceNEXT when upgrading your office.

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