Seasonal Depression and Working Through Winter Business Blues

Seasonal Depression and Working Through Winter Business Blues

Seasonal Depression and Working Through Winter Business Blues

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Staying Connected While Working Through Winter

Winter months can be brutal on morale. As the sun sets sooner and people find themselves spending more time inside than outside, the age-old burden of seasonal depression grows rampant. When the seasons change, sometimes our bodies undergo a similar transition. This internal shift can cause people to be more prone to sadness, anger, or bouts of loneliness. Depression rears its ugly head in various ways, and it can negatively trickle into your work life. Learning to stay connected while working through winter is a smart way to keep office-life productive, employees healthy, and everything running smoothly.

Ways to Stop Seasonal Depression in your Office with VoiceNEXT

Allow WFH Days When Necessary

Depending on where you live, you may experience significant snowfall. A big contributor to seasonal depression is being in the cold longer than you must, and that includes cleaning off snow-covered cars to drive to work. On days where it is snowing profusely, and it could be a hazard for employees to travel, it’s probably best to call for a work from home day. Using VoiceNEXT’s instant SMS features, you can reach out to your entire company with the click of a few buttons, sending an employee-wide memo about the day’s weather conditions and subsequent schedule change.

This communication shows employees that you care about their well-being, allows them to spend time inside from the cold, and can help in mitigating seasonal depression. By canceling the responsibility of traveling into the office on snowy days, you can turn someone’s entire mood around.

Listen to Employees Needs

Staying connected with employees doesn’t just mean through one-on-one meetings and suggestion boxes. We encourage you to use our technology to actively engage with your workers and grow discussions. To fight depression in the workplace, you can open a dialogue with your employees and ask what their needs are. Utilize VoiceNEXT’s Meetings application to conduct video conferences and bring the team together, especially when your business is forced to operate remotely. These meetings can be used to bring your team face to face to discuss workplace concerns or simply to do a fun late afternoon happy hour. Seeing each other and having an open and fun dialogue can increase morale and overall happiness both within your organization and in your staffs’ personal lives.

Why VoiceNEXT is Your Next Solution

VoiceNEXT is a dedicated team of cloud communication experts who can set you up with an affordable communication system for your business. We have years of experience and understand the changing needs of a cloud-based workplace. Visit our website and read more about our PBH hosting technology today.

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