Opus: The Audio Codec Explained

Opus: The Audio Codec Explained

Opus: The Audio Codec Explained

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Why Opus is the Best VoIP Codec for Mobility

A codec is an algorithm used to compress audio and/or video, allowing media to be sent and received over the internet. Selecting the right VoIP codec is essential to conducting a high-quality voice call without hogging your bandwidth.

The Opus audio codec is one of many codec options and offers many benefits in the modern business environment of hybrid or remote work. Benefits include low bandwidth requirements, wideband audio support, noise reduction, low latency, and adaptability. Read on to learn more.

Low Bandwidth Requirements

Opus can provide high-quality voice transmission at low bitrates, making it ideal for VoIP situations where bandwidth may be limited. Scenarios such as working from your laptop via a mobile hotspot or conducting a business call from your cell phone are two examples where bandwidth may be limited. Opus will allow your calls to remain crystal-clear, regardless of location or connection speeds.

Wideband Audio Support

Wideband audio captures and transmits a broader range of frequencies. This equates to more natural-sounding voice transmission and better speech intelligibility versus other narrowband codecs. Utilizing the Opus codec will produce natural-sounding conversations without giving up your valuable bandwidth.

Noise Reduction & Echo Cancellation

The Opus Codec includes built-in noise reduction and echo cancellation features. This improves voice quality and reduces background noise and echo during valuable business conversations.

Low Latency

When compared to other VoIP codecs, Opus is designed for ultra-low latency. This means audio can be transmitted in real-time, with minimal delay. No one wants to have a conversation where sentences are broken or delayed. Opus ensures a natural conversation flow across any internet connection.


Opus can quickly adapt its bitrate and other parameters, allowing it to adjust to changing network conditions and provide consistent quality across variable bandwidth situations. Imagine you are working from your smartphone while walking around your house. As you move from room to room, your Wi-Fi connection may weaken or strengthen depending on your location. Opus will ensure your call stays connected and clear.

Choose VoiceNEXT for Mobility Solutions

Don’t let unreliable communication get in the way of your business’s success. Utilizing the Opus codec is just one of the many ways VoiceNEXT keeps our clients connected. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you stay connected.

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