Make Your Zoom Meeting Flow Better After 2 Years of Virtual

Make Your Zoom Meeting Flow Better After 2 Years of Virtual

Make Your Zoom Meeting Flow Better After 2 Years of Virtual

Make Your Zoom Meeting Flow Better After 2 Years of Virtual 1280 850 VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company

3 Ways to Make Your Zoom Meeting Flow Better

We’ve all gotten used to video calling over the last few years, and even before the pandemic, Skype and FaceTime revolutionized how technology users connect. Now we’re in the Zoom age, where businesses and individuals are relying heavily on the video conference website to run their meetings efficiently and securely. If you’re looking for ways to make your Zoom meeting flow better for both you and your company, keep reading.

Zoom Tip 1: Remind Everyone of Zoom Etiquette

Mute your microphone when not speaking so computer notifications or random disturbances don’t disrupt the meeting. The Zoom host can mute attendees if needed, or you can toggle the setting to mute participants upon entry. View Zoom’s many account options and find the right settings for you and your team. To give everyone a chance to comment their opinions, concerns, or questions, allot time after the presentation to go over audience feedback. This is an effective solution to keep the meeting flowing without constant interruption.

Zoom Tip 2: Be Prepared to Present

Nothing is professional about a messy desktop screen. If you’re planning on sharing your screen with other participants, make sure your background is appropriate, tabs are cleared, and your desktop is not littered with screenshots, files, etc. Make sure the presentation you are using is easy-to-understand and readable. Use charts and statistics to simplify data points and explain things slowly. It may be wise to check in every couple of slides and see if your audience has input, or make it clear to save all questions for the end.

Before everyone joins, being ready to conduct a meeting also involves testing the call quality and video quality. You may consider letting someone into the meeting early to do a quick volume check. You can also view your sound sensitivity from the audio settings. It’s best to use a microphone or headset with a mic to deliver clear audio.

Zoom Tip 3: Keep Unwanted Guests Away

Increased usage of virtual meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a higher amount of ‘Zoombombing’, where people randomly drop into Zoom meetings and cause disruptions. To mitigate the possibility of this happening, make sure not to share the Zoom ID or code anywhere online. You can also password protect your meetings if needed, fortifying your entire meeting from potential distractions.

Consider Using Zoom with VoiceNEXT

While Zoom has many video features and is an effective meeting solution, it is only part of the communications picture. A reliable hosted phone system from VoiceNEXT can revolutionize the way you communicate both in and out of Zoom.

With Zoom certified Yealink phones and Video Conference Devices, VoiceNEXT can turn any office into a zoom-friendly workplace. Whether you are working from home, or have a large conference room at the office, our hosted phone system combined with Zoom will make your organization’s meetings flawless and professional. When not using Zoom, your telephones can operate like a conventional business phone on our state-of-the-art hosted platform, backed by our best-in-class customer support.

If you’re looking for the best in VoIP communication and Zoom Integration, contact VoiceNEXT today!

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