IP Paging Accessories: Alert, Protect, and Inform Your NJ Business

IP Paging Accessories: Alert, Protect, and Inform Your NJ Business

IP Paging Accessories: Alert, Protect, and Inform Your NJ Business

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How IP Paging Accessories Alert, Protect, and Inform Your NJ Business

It’s no secret that an IP paging system can benefit your New Jersey business. By implementing one of these systems, you can improve communication and security within your company. To ensure your IP paging system efficiently meets the demands of your organization, it’s vital to upgrade them with high-quality IP paging accessories.

Read on to learn what IP paging accessories are and four common types that fully integrate with your hosted phone system to alert your entire network.

What are IP Paging Accessories?

An IP paging accessory is any device that fully integrates with your hosted phone system and allows further communication to your staff, customers, and visitors via a broadcasted message. These accessories can be paging systems, IP clocks, digital signage boards, or even warning strobe lights.

4 Commonly Used IP Paging Accessories

IP Speakers

IP Speakers can easily be installed throughout your office, warehouse, or car dealership, allowing for quick and efficient broadcasting of a message to an entire team, building, or multiple buildings at once. These devices completely integrate with your VoiceNEXT phone system, so you can get your message out to anyone who needs to hear it with just the push of a button.

IP Door Openers

IP Door Openers allow you to securely lock and unlock your gates and doors through your existing network infrastructure. Quickly allow or deny access to your office with the push of a button on your VoiceNEXT phone. Keypad models are available to let your trusted team members in and out of your building with their own access code. Additionally, a two-way intercom can allow visitors to talk with you on your desk phone before access is granted.

IP Visual Alerters

Perfect for busy warehouses or manufacturing plants, IP Visual Alerters are devices that provide highly visible strobing lights of various colors to indicate a phone is ringing or an emergency notification is going off. Ideal for noisy environments, this can alert a team member that a phone is ringing or that there is an emergency when an audio alert may not be heard.

IP Horns

IP Horns are a must when communicating in noisy or outdoor areas. They can help you reduce workplace accidents and increase security for your organization. Convenient features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and weatherproof design allow these devices to be deployed just about anywhere you need them. Since they are completely integrated with your VoiceNEXT hosted phone system, you can quickly alert your entire team of an emergency or urgent message.

Which IP Paging Accessory is Best for Your Business?

One or all IP paging accessories may be necessary for your business. From securing your office doors to communicating with team members on the floor or in a warehouse, IP accessories can be useful for any number of businesses.

Medical offices, schools, manufacturers, warehouses, or car dealerships that need to alert an entire building or a specific group, are just a few organizations that can benefit from the features provided by our IP paging accessories. Best of all, these powerful tools fully integrate with VoiceNEXT’s hosted phone system and are part of a complete unified communications solution.

Choose VoiceNEXT for IP Paging Accessories in New Jersey

If you need assistance selecting and implementing IP accessories for your New Jersey business, contact VoiceNEXT! We’re New Jersey’s top phone company and have everything your business needs to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Our knowledgeable representatives can analyze your business needs and implement a voice solution, complete with phones, IP accessories, and Unified Communication tools. Call (732) 653-5000 to speak with our team today!

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