How VoiceNEXT Benefits Hybrid Collaboration

How VoiceNEXT Benefits Hybrid Collaboration

How VoiceNEXT Benefits Hybrid Collaboration

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7 Ways VoiceNEXT Benefits Hybrid Collaboration

Hybrid collaboration is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, as it helps to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and increase team productivity. If your NJ business wants to integrate a hybrid work schedule into its operations, VoiceNEXT has everything you need to succeed. As a leading phone service provider in Hazlet, NJ, we offer advanced voice and conferencing solutions designed to help NJ businesses optimize their operations and enhance the customer experience. Here are seven ways we benefit hybrid collaboration.

1. Remote Connectivity

Our phone solutions allow for seamless connection between remote and local employees, allowing teams to work together as if they were all in the same office. Employees can easily share workspaces, communicate via voice and video, access shared documents and applications, and share files securely through our unified communications app, Communicator. Additionally, since our business phone system solution is hosted in the cloud, your team can simply plug their office phones into any internet connection or WIFI network and be instantly connected to the central phone system.

2. Cloud-Based Administration

VoiceNEXT’s phone systems are entirely cloud-based, allowing you to access the system anywhere you have internet access. Simply log in to manage your calls, access reports and recordings, and even see who is taking calls in real-time.

3. Quality Customer Service

With so many employees working in different locations and from different networks, access to responsive and helpful customer service is more important than ever. With VoiceNEXT, you are guaranteed a U.S.-based support team 24/7/365.

4. Unique Solutions

VoiceNEXT offers many unique solutions for the remote or hybrid workplace. Our Communicator app is a full-featured communications powerhouse offering voice, video, SMS, chat, and fax bundled into one easy-to-use package. Additional features, such as hot desking, allow employees to sign in and out of a single phone, making it ideal for team members working in the office on a rotating schedule. Integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams further enhances productivity and offers limitless possibilities for your VoiceNEXT phone system.

5. Cost Efficiency

VoiceNEXT’s advanced voice and conferencing services will help you reduce costs while optimizing your operations—making it easier for hybrid teams to work together. You’ll also save money on work-related travel since you can easily work from anywhere. Since you can bring your office phone home with you, there is no need for additional equipment.

6. Control Over Your Schedule

At VoiceNEXT, we built our phone system from the ground up for hybrid and remote work, giving you complete control over your schedule. So, when you want to work from home, you only have to bring your VoiceNEXT phone from the office to your home and plug it into your internet. With your phone system securely hosted in the cloud, you’ll be up and running with access to all your calls and data in minutes. Furthermore, our Communicator app lets you work where you want, when you want, and lets you just as easily disconnect when the workday is over.

7. Communicator App Designed for Mobility

To assist hybrid collaboration, we created our Communicator app, giving users seamless access to all their business communication needs right from their smartphones or laptops. With a quick and seamless installation, the app allows you to make and receive calls, conduct video meetings, chat with team members, and access voicemail with the click of a button.

Choose VoiceNEXT for Hybrid Collaboration

No matter what type of NJ business you have, VoiceNEXT can help optimize your hybrid collaboration efforts. Contact us today to get started!

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