How to Call Park, Retrieve, & Intercom

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How to Call Park, Retrieve, & Intercom

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How to Call Park, Retrieve, & Intercom

*(Requires additional programming, please contact VoiceNEXT support for setup)

Call Park & Retrieve is an alternative to Call Transferring. Users can activate Park Call to place a caller on hold, then Retrieve that caller on a different office phone.

While on a call, press the Call Park button on your phone. The system will place the caller on hold and announce which retrieve extension they have been parked on.

701 is the default Retrieve extension. If another call is already parked, the next call will be parked on retrieve extension 702, then 703 etc.

Retrieve buttons are lit up solid red while a caller is parked on that retrieve extension.

The user should press the corresponding Retrieve key on their phone to pick up that parked caller.

The Intercom feature can be used in conjunction with Park & Retrieve, to alert another user that a call has been parked and is waiting to be Retrieved.

After Parking a call, the user can Press the Intercom button, followed by the desired user’s extension.

This initiates an immediate 2-way audio call between both users, while the caller is still Parked.

The intended user can then Retrieve the parked caller.

Note: If a parked caller is not retrieved within a certain time, the system will automatically send the caller back to the original user who parked the call.

The default timeout is 45 seconds and can be adjusted upon request.

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