Highlighting Key VoiceNEXT Communicator App Features

Highlighting Key VoiceNEXT Communicator App Features

Highlighting Key VoiceNEXT Communicator App Features

Highlighting Key VoiceNEXT Communicator App Features https://www.voicenext.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/2.png 768 510 VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company https://www.voicenext.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/2.png

How These VoiceNEXT Communicator App Features Will Improve Your Business

Are you tired of juggling multiple communication platforms to keep up with your business’s daily operations? VoiceNEXT’s Communicator app is here to save the day! Our unified communications app simplifies your communication processes by seamlessly integrating with your hosted phone system and providing a single, easy-to-use application for all your needs. Let’s take a look at six Communicator app features that will help improve your business operations.

1. Soft Phone

Make and receive crystal clear business calls with our G.722 HD codec from anywhere you have internet access. The intuitive dial-pad lets you call anyone using your business phone number. Instantly turn your personal smartphone into a business powerhouse! Communicator allows you to keep your Microsoft Outlook, Google, Apple, and VoiceNEXT PBX contacts in one place, so you can always stay connected to your clients and vendors.

2. Desk Phone Integration

Communicator seamlessly integrates with your VoiceNEXT desk phone. A simple setting allows you to choose whether you want to make and receive calls on your desk phone or the Communicator app or ring both simultaneously. What’s more, your Communicator app mirrors your desk phone’s extension. If a team member or caller dials your extension, your Communicator app will ring instantly. You can even control your desk phone right from the Communicator app, ensuring no disruptions as you move from one location to another.

3. One-Click Dialing

One-Click Dialing allows you to click on any recognizable phone number on the web, and your Communicator app will immediately dial it for you. This will increase your efficiency and allow you to seamlessly switch from web browsing to conducting a call without lifting a finger.

4. Customer Relations Management

Communicator has built-in integration with most major CRM platforms. It is designed to use URL pop-up events for inbound and outbound calls, allowing your business to effectively track and log any calls that may come in from a client or vendor.

5. SMS

You can send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your Communicator application. This allows your business an additional line of communication with clients, vendors, and employees. Just like your personal text messaging application, a notification will pop up on your phone to alert you to a new message, allowing you to communicate quickly and effectively.

6. Conference Calling & Meetings

Communicator lets you easily create and manage conference calls on your VoiceNEXT phone system. View and manage participants, invite new users to the conference, or mute and kick conference members all from the app.

Want to have a video meeting instead of a conference call? Communicator allows any user to set up a video meeting without switching applications. Features include audio and video conferencing, grid and speaker view, screen sharing, group chat, remote screen control, and much more!

How to Get Started

VoiceNEXT’s Communicator app makes it easy to stay productive and connected whether you’re in the office or on the go. Contact our team today, and we’ll get you mobile in minutes!

Not a VoiceNEXT customer? Give us a call to get your business communications optimized for Hybrid or Remote Work.

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