Helpful Virtual Onboarding Ideas for New Hires

Helpful Virtual Onboarding Ideas for New Hires

Helpful Virtual Onboarding Ideas for New Hires

Helpful Virtual Onboarding Ideas for New Hires 1280 850 VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company

5 Virtual Onboarding Ideas You Can Implement Immediately

Welcome to the new normal for the workforce, where video calls, social distancing, and an abundance of emails is an everyday expectance. While your team may be miles apart, it doesn’t have to feel that way, especially when welcoming a new employee. Whether your new hire is joining because another employee left or your business is growing, it’s an exciting time for everyone in the company.

Onboarding is a crucial aspect of hiring a new employee; you need to ensure they are comfortable, well-trained, and ready to begin their role. How can you do that while working from home? As a company that specializes in cloud communication solutions, we know the right tools to help your employee onboarding process.

Here are five virtual onboarding ideas you can implement immediately for your next new hire.

1. Add Them to The Company Group Chat

There’s no better way to introduce a new employee and make them feel welcomed than adding them to the company group chat. Everyone can get involved, say hello, and familiarize with the new hire. If you currently do not have a company group chat, we recommend VoiceNEXT’s Communicator app.

Our Communicator app allows individual and group messaging to everyone within your company, as well as contact management and voice calls.

2. Deliver Company Material

What will make your employee feel valued by their new company? Put together company materials for them, such as a branded coffee mug, water bottle, notebook, pen, or business cards. If you’re in-person, be sure to set it up on their desk before they arrive. If you’re working from home, get the package delivered to their house. It’s an excellent way to add a personal touch to your onboarding process.

3. Welcome & Training Video Conference Call

If your company frequents video conferences, be sure to give your new hire a welcoming shout out on the call. While saying hello via the company group chat is a great start, now everyone can (virtually) meet the new hire face-to-face. To get more personal, try a remote team lunch with the new hire’s direct coworkers.

Beyond a welcome call, training cannot be stressed enough during onboarding. Especially during WFH, where you can’t turn around and ask the coworker next to you, virtual training will be crucial to helping your new hire. For this reason, having a reliable and secure video conferencing platform is necessary.

VoiceNEXT Meetings software uses cloud technology to deliver fast, reliable, safe, and secure video conferencing solutions for your organization. Not to mention it can be accessed from the office, at home, or on the go. Other key features include gallery view, screen sharing, live chat, scheduling, Outlook integration, and breakout rooms.

4. Schedule Recurring Check-Ins

After the initial onboarding, your new hire should continuously feel supported. One way to do this is to schedule recurring check-ins. We recommend scheduling a check-in after their first month, then three, six, and twelve months later. During these one-on-ones, ask how they think they are performing in their role, what they are struggling with, what they are excelling with, and offer suggestions as to what they can do to continue to improve.

5. Ensure Your Business Communications Are Connected

While connectivity is important for new hires, your entire team should feel connected. This starts with a business phone solution that keeps your company in touch, no matter the platform they use or their location.

VoiceNEXT is a leading Hosted PBX provider with over 15 years of service and experience. Our cloud-based business phone service will transform your workforce with high functioning communication. Our integrated system includes desk phones, a mobile app, voicemail, email, fax, and more. Contact a member of our team online to learn more about our business communication solutions.

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