Client Reviews: Why Customers Love VoiceNEXT

Client Reviews: Why Customers Love VoiceNEXT

Client Reviews: Why Customers Love VoiceNEXT

Client Reviews: Why Customers Love VoiceNEXT 1280 850 VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company

These Client Reviews Show Why Customers Choose VoiceNEXT

When searching for a business phone company in New Jersey, the first thing you’re likely to do is research which phone service provider is right for you. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to try and decide. That’s why client reviews are so important.

Today, VoiceNEXT is highlighting some of our client reviews to showcase their experience working with us and why we’re the best business phone provider in New Jersey for businesses of all sizes. So read on and see why customers are choosing us as their next phone company.

Responsive Customer Service

“I have been a customer of VoiceNEXT since 2008, with office locations in the US, India, and Australia. Service quality has been consistently good, and customer support is responsive and proactive in resolving issues. I highly recommend VoiceNEXT.” – T.I., Google Reviews

“I’ve been a customer for many years now, and I’m not only satisfied with the phone service itself, but also extremely satisfied with Customer Support.” – K.C., Google Reviews 

“Excellent customer service. The staff at VoiceNEXT are very professional, always available, and committed to providing the most thorough assistance whenever we need it. We highly recommend VoiceNEXT to anyone looking for a phone service company!” – N.Q., Google Reviews

Custom-Tailored Phone Solutions

“Wish I could give VoiceNEXT a 10-star review. Their customization of our office phone system is second to none. So many features VoiceNEXT has to offer. They provided us with all we needed and offered additional options we did not know about.” – W.Z., Google Reviews 

Hybrid Office Solutions

“It is nice being able to be out of the office and have my cell phone act as my desk phone. If I miss a call, I get an email with the voice message attached. This is VERY handy as I often have to forward the message to co-workers to address.” – W. F., Google Reviews

“We have had 7 VOIP phones serviced by VoiceNEXT at our small business office since early 2019, and recently added 6 more so we can support a hybrid office/home work environment for the foreseeable future during the pandemic. VoiceNEXT is extremely responsive; they always respond quickly to questions, will reprogram our phones with custom settings whenever requested, and always work professionally while communicating well. In the almost 2 years since we opened our account, we have had one day that had perhaps 1-2 hours of downtime—everything else has been rock solid.” – J.K., Google Reviews

Affordable Rates

“The high quality of service you receive for the low price you pay is unbeatable.” – C.M., Google Reviews

“VoiceNEXT does a great job for us, is reasonably priced, and is very responsive with any service needs. I’d recommend them as an excellent VOIP service.” – A. P., Google Reviews 

Best NJ Business Phone Company

“I finally found an excellent phone system. This will be my fourth but last one! They are responsive and professional. My last three systems were awful, so I was so pleased when we started with VoiceNEXT!” – D. T., Google Reviews

“This is by far the best phone service we have had. It is extremely dependable unless the internet is out, and even then, you can transfer to your cell for no business loss. The calls are monitored to not get inundated with robocalls. It is a very user-friendly system, and you get immediate attention upon calling customer service. Works wonderfully with our 24-hour business. We are very happy we switched to VoiceNEXT. Prices are very reasonable too!” – D. M. C. S., Google Reviews

“Switched from Verizon’s landline to VoiceNEXT and very happy I did. The system has many features a landline does not. We’re able to offer unlimited phone lines and excellent reception at great savings. Very pleased with the support VoiceNEXT offers as well. I have recommended them numerous times, and in fact, my wife’s business uses them too.” – W.S., Google Reviews 

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