8 Ways Hosted VoIP Can Improve Business

8 Ways Hosted VoIP Can Improve Business

8 Ways Hosted VoIP Can Improve Business

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Effective communication is the most important factor in the success of any company. Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to improve communications. The phone system, though often overlooked, is a good place to start. Most do not consider changing, or even looking at, their phone systems until there is a problem. Today’s cloud based hosted systems are powerful tools that can penetrate the barriers faced in today’s changing and challenging business environment. Here are eight ways that hosted VoIP can help improve business.

1. Better Communications With Clients

Today’s Hosted VoIP platforms can integrate voice, video, messaging and a whole host of other features making it easier to communicate with clients. The flexibility of Hosted VoIP allows one to stay seamlessly in touch with customers under any circumstance, whether in or out of the office. These systems can even be integrated with CRM applications, creating new efficiencies between sales, purchasing, and customer service.

2. Lower Cost

Implementation of a Hosted VoIP system can be up to 80% less expensive than the cost of other traditional phone systems. VoIP providers own the equipment and network infrastructure, saving thousands of dollars in initial setup costs. The savings continue with the reduced monthly recurring charges associated with long distance fees, network management, maintenance contracts, and upgrades.

3. Disaster Recovery

Hosted VoIP phone systems are often stored entirely in completely redundant servers, located in secure data centers. Since there is no hardware on your premises, your phone numbers, voicemails, and call flow are always backed up and waiting to be redeployed no matter the scale of a disaster. By hosting your phone system in the cloud, you automatically gain this disaster recovery as the system will still answer calls, even though your office might be without power. VoIP will keep your business up and running even when your office is not. From a major weather event, to the winter snow days, VoIP phone systems will keep you connected.
Hosted systems even give you the option of setting up a contingency plan, dictating where your calls will go should your office lose power or internet – long before the problem happens.

4. Improved Internal Communications

VoIP will improve internal communications. With state of the art features like ‘presence,’ you can see your entire organization and know if they are on the phone, busy,or unavailable. Private chat lets you easily communicate short messages through one unified application; rather than waiting for a colleague to get off of the phone, you can relay pertinent information immediately, keeping communication channels open and saving time. With all of these features and more, communication is sure to improve in any organization.

5. Mobility

Today’s VoIP systems give workers the flexibility to remain connected while working remotely or on the road. With features like call forwarding, follow me, simultaneous ring, selective ring and voicemail to email, employees can maintain a high level of productivity even when they leave the office. VoIP applications for smart phones, tablets, and computers allow employees to communicate just as effectively as if they were in the office, regardless of where they may be. Mobile applications give employees a mirror of their desk phone on any internet enabled device. With the tap of a finger, you have access to your work contacts, missed and received calls, and can even dial out and receive calls on your business phone number.

6. Simple Management

By consolidating voice and data networks both time and money can be saved. Upgrades are automatically provisioned into the system meaning companies will never have to waste time waiting for a technician to show up at their office. By utilizing an easy to use website, businesses are empowered to make changes on the fly and as frequently as desired. Setting up operation times and holiday schedules means your calls will flow based on the needs of your business, removing the hassle of having to call the phone company. This gives any business the time and flexibility to run their operation in a constantly changing business environment, no matter the size.

7. CRM Integration

The ability to link a CRM system into the phone system is a major advantage for businesses of all sizes. By having links into a CRM system, businesses can create stronger connections with their clients and greatly improve customer service. The ability to dial from a CRM program or Microsoft Outlook makes keeping in touch with clients simple and efficient – creating an organized and positive image for your business.

8. Unlimited Innovation

VoIP systems have the potential to add new features and functionality as they become available to the market. The open source operating systems that many VoIP systems run on allow engineers to create new features based on consumer demand. By migrating to a VoIP system you are future proofing your business’ communications. Switching to VoIP may be the last phone system upgrade you ever need to perform.

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