#1 Business Phone System for NJ Real Estate Agents

#1 Business Phone System for NJ Real Estate Agents

#1 Business Phone System for NJ Real Estate Agents

#1 Business Phone System for NJ Real Estate Agents https://www.voicenext.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/1.png 768 510 VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company VoiceNEXT | Your Next Phone Company https://www.voicenext.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/1.png

5 Reasons NJ Real Estate Agents Choose VoiceNEXT’s Business Phone System

If you’re a real estate agent in New Jersey, you know staying connected with clients is essential to success. That’s why having a reliable business phone system is crucial to ensure you never miss an important call or message. With so many phone systems available, finding the right one that fits your needs can be challenging. Thankfully, VoiceNEXT is here to help with all your communication needs! Here are five reasons why NJ real estate agents choose VoiceNEXT’s business phone system.

1. Personalized Onboarding and Endless Features

We understand that every real estate company in NJ is unique, which is why we offer a hosted phone system with endless features that fit your specific needs. Our specialized on-boarding team will take the time to learn about your real estate business and tailor our features to make your phone system work the way you need it to. Our Communicator application is especially well suited for agents that are constantly mobile in the field. Soft phone calling, SMS messaging, and a presence panel connected to your main office are just a few features that an agent could utilize while on the go.

2. Unified Communicator App

Our unified Communicator app lets you use your phone system from any internet device, such as your smartphone or laptop. This means realtors can stay connected with clients and colleagues even when they’re on the go. With the app, you can:

  • Make and receive phone calls and send and receive SMS/MMS messages using the realtor office’s number
  • Sync contacts from Outlook, Apple, and Google
  • One-click dial any phone number on the web
  • Integrate with your Customer Relations Management (CRM) software
  • Conduct Conference calls and Video Meetings
  • File share and chat with team members

3. Virtual Meeting Software for Easy Collaboration

Want to show a property or close a deal fast? Communicator’s Meeting feature lets you conduct video meetings, host conference calls, share files, and more, making collaboration with clients and colleagues easy and efficient.

4. Best-In-Class Customer Service

By partnering with VoiceNEXT, you can rest assured your phone system is always up and running. Our U.S.-based team is available 24/7/365 to answer any questions you may have. Need to add or remove an agent to your phone system in a hurry? Our support team is standing by!

5. Client Backed Reviews

“When I opened my Real Estate Company in 2009, I called Mike Galkin at VoiceNEXT. From the first day, Mike and his team gave me First Class service. I never have to worry about receiving calls or faxes from clients if I am in the office, at home, or somewhere in between. This way, I can focus on my business and my clients. Rate this company first class 5 star.” – Robert H. Dembling, RH Dembling Realty Services

Choose VoiceNEXT as Your NJ Real Estate Phone Provider

At VoiceNEXT, we understand that real estate agents in NJ need a phone system that is reliable, flexible, and easy to use. Contact us today to learn more about how VoiceNEXT can help your real estate business thrive.

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