VoIP Feature That Make Business Simpler


With internet telephony, we have entered a new age of communication. VoIP technology provides customers and businesses with features that are unheard of with traditional phone systems. For businesses, VoIP technology is especially beneficial. Think about it, the service is far more affordable than other systems and offers what other cannot.

At VoiceNEXT, we save businesses up to 80% on cost. Plus, our services contribute to a variety of companies, such as real estate, auto dealerships, attorneys, consultants, contractors, educational institutions, hospitality, and medical offices. When it comes down to it, VoIP makes business operations simpler. Find out which VoIP features allow operations to run so smoothly.

Voicemail to Email

We’ve discussed Voicemail to Email before. This feature is great for business owners who are constantly bombarded with messages. Sometimes, it’s impossible to listen to every single voicemail, especially when they are coming from multiple clients. And for small business owners, they are often always on the move, in a meeting, or too busy keeping their operations in order.

Voicemail to email transcribes your voicemails and saves them as an mp3 file. This allows people to read and scan over messages fast. It even allows them to respond to clients more quickly. No more wasting time to try and understand what people are saying.

Follow Me

If you are the type of business owner who is always on the move, then you may not have time to answer every call that comes your way. Some calls are often better suited for another one of your employees. You need to be able to effectively regulate calls on the go. That’s why you need Follow Me.

Follow Me is advanced call forwarding feature. You simply hand out one phone number to clients, and they will be able to reach whether you are in the office, on the move, or at home. If the system recognizes that you are not in the office, it will forward the call to your mobile phone. You can even push call from clients to other employees.

Remote Access

All it takes for VoIP to work is internet access. In fact, the internet allows you to access your personal information, voicemails, and phone calls from anywhere with an internet connection. You can even use our Microsoft Outlook integration to make, accept, and identify calls from your home computer. Nothing stops you from working.

If you find yourself impressed with some of VoIP’s many features, then call us at VoiceNEXT. We can find the right phone for your office, especially if you need any of these features. Business communications are important and with VoIP, we make sure you have access anywhere.

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