Phone Systems in Hospitality


If you are the owner of a hospitality business, such as a hotel or a bed and breakfast, and are in need of a PBX telephone system, find a PBX phone company in midtown to upgrade your hospitality communications. Regardless of a need for telephone systems, hotels are required to provide telephones in each guest room in order to have a 2-star rating or higher. Since the advent of cellphones, phone systems in hotels began to be used less and less, eventually replaced by an individual guest’s cell phone. Now guest room phones are mostly used for internal calls to the front desk, room service, or other guests. Due to the rarity of functional use, hotels have found it pointless to maintain and upgrade hotel phone systems.

PBX phone systems features include call recording, least-cost routing, and unified communication. A hotel PBX service in NYC can improve your business by uniting all central office lines. A PBX telephone system performs four main call-processing duties every day.

  1. Establishing connections between two users in the system. Via mapping a dialed number, it ensures that the phone is not currently busy and a line of communication can be opened.
  2. Maintaining connections until the connections are no longer needed by the users.
  3. Disconnects the connections no longer needed.
  4. Provides information for accounting.

The cloud for business-hosted PBX could be the future of hotel phone systems. Upgrading a hotel phone system into a business-hosted PBX system incorporates the system into the cloud, improving the uses of functionality and reducing the cost of operating the phone system throughout the entire premises. Hotels that utilize a VoIP phone system typically use it exclusively for the front desk and reception area. However, because of a demand for broadband and Wi-Fi access points in guests’ rooms, some hotels are looking into upgrading infrastructure, easily integrating updates into existing phone systems. In addition, implementing this with cloud VoIP solutions would allow hotels to improve its guest-room services without the need to buy any expensive technology.

Using VoIP services, hotels would be able to set up new customized options for guests, including simpler access to the valet and food service. Hotels would also have the option to sell ad space, allow guests to set wake-up calls, schedule valet service, or book reservations at affiliated restaurants.

Hiring a PBX phone company in midtown will provide you with a hotel PBX service in NYC, upgrading your hospitality communications.

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