Phone Systems’ History


If you are the owner of a company or small business in need of an online phone system in NYC, find a PBX phone company in NYC. Phone systems have been imperative to the success of any business or company since the invention of the telephone. Communication is vital for a business. If your company’s communication is down or limited, it will affect efficiency, work accuracy and consumer relations. For companies, communication is as important today as it was when systems were much more limited. The history of communications involves the history of VoIP phone systems, and cloud PBX. Companies have always relied on communications, and now, along with the advent of online phone systems and pbx systems, business communications have achieved a new level of efficiency.

The invention of the telephone greatly changed things by creating a new world of communication. Phone systems continue to progress, so as a result, businesses can constantly benefit from new, added features and aspects of technological improvement. In the 1870s Alexander Graham Bell registered his invention of the telephone at the patent office. The telephone arose from competition to improve the capabilities of the telegraph. After its invention, companies incorporated the telephone as a means to communicate between locations. Referred to as direct lines, companies would have to run the wires between locations themselves.

Telephone exchanges were then set up, centralizing telephone networks within smaller areas. Allowing for other individual lines to be connected with each other in a centralized station, telephone exchanges were the forerunner of switchboards. Requiring an individual to manually connect the wires through the switchboard, early phone users were comprised mostly of businesses. As the telephone network continued to grow, it increased the areas that could be reached. Eventually the commonality of telephones and telephone systems reached the homes of regular hardworking Americans.

Private branch exchange or PBX systems have been used by businesses since the beginning of the 1960s. PBX phone systems have grown to better satisfy the needs of businesses—as they adapt and grow with new technologies, and while developing methods of business communication. The advent of PBX systems was revolutionary in that it allowed businesses to place internal calls without requiring the use of physical telephones. Removing the need for a receptionist, PBX systems allowed for outside lines to be freed up from internal traffic, decreasing the number of lines a business needed.

In the 1900s PBX phone systems greatly improved, but because businesses didn’t want to purchase completely new systems, there was a period of lowered sales. When PBX systems became more flexible, they gave business consumers the ability to customize their ports or cards, increasing network functionality. As the 1990s ended, PBX system features expanded to include auto attendants, limited data integration, and increased telephony applications. With the expansion of PBX systems commenced the history of VoIP phone systems. From the ideas of using hosted providers, VoIP cloud PBX originated, allowing companies to have all communication done via the internet, opposed through phone lines.

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