Phone Companies in NJ


It can be difficult to find phone companies in NJ that offer cutting-edge services, including VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone systems. NJ has many options, but it’s difficult to know what’s right for your company. Traditional landline company exchanges aren’t flexible if you have to move offices for any reason, and they’re also more difficult to install and manage. It’s also less convenient with traditional landline service to forward calls to exterior numbers when one of your employees is out of town for a personal reason, is a telecommuter, or is just working remotely.

If you’re looking for VoIP phone service, NJ companies can help. Phone service in NJ shouldn’t be limited to options that are 20 years out of date, which is why cutting-edge companies use hosted VoIP PBX systems. There are many advantages and a boatload of features, including easy installation that doesn’t include laying down landlines. Included in these is call forwarding, ensuring that your employee is never far away from a phone that connects to your work network. VoIP systems also allow you to effortlessly control hold music, which is important because irritating hold music, or even silence, can drive valuable customers to a competitor.

From beginning to end, NJ telecom and phone companies that offer VoIP services are easier. They don’t require messing with landlines, and thus can easily be moved from location to location. For installation of VoIP phone service, NJ companies that do phone service can be in and out quickly, and installation is almost as easy as setting up an Internet network. With a high-bandwidth VoIP, NJ companies can take a huge number of calls, and many services can be digitized for convenience.

Phone companies in NJ that use traditional landlines also can’t compete in call forwarding, voicemail transcription, hold music, and call screening. With digital access to your phone network through VoIP phone service in NJ, you can even have the entry system to your building or office coded to call office landlines. This is important if you occasionally have visitors, but want to save money by not having a receptionist.

Another great thing about VoIP technologies is that you don’t have to give up traditional technologies. A fax machine is a great example of a technology that can be integrated into digital systems by NJ telecom companies that do VoIP. NJ companies that do VoIP can set up a system for you that is flexible, affordable, and offers all of the advantages of traditional phone systems. NJ VoIP services can bring 21st century communication to your company, and for a fraction of the cost.

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