PBX Phone System Features


Private Branch Exchange or PBX, a private telephone network, is used in businesses between enterprise users on local lines. PBX also allows for a small number of external lines. If you are looking to equip your business with the latest-in-technology phone systems, look for VoIP services in Matawan, NJ or contact an online phone company. PBX features include call recording, least-cost routing, and unified communication. PBX typically serves a private organization, uniting central office lines or trunks to provide intercommunication.

Intercommunication allows for more than two stations to establish calls with each other. Unified communication is the integration of real-time communication services with non-real-time communication services. Real-time communication services include instant messaging, presence information, voice and mobility features, audio, web and video conferencing, desktop and data sharing, call control, and speech recognition. Non-real-time communication includes voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax. PBX phone system uses its technology to establish unified communication, providing a consistent and unified user-interface across a number of devices.

PBX phone system has four main call-processing duties it performs every day. The first of four PBX features is establishing connections between two users in the system. Via mapping a dialed number, it ensures that the phone is not currently busy and a line of communication can be opened. The second function is maintaining connections until the connections are no longer needed by the users. The third function disconnects the connections no longer needed. And the fourth function provides information for accounting.

Least-cost routing (LCR), a specific detailed function of PBX phone system, is the process of selecting the form of outwards communication. It analyzes, selects, and directs the path of inbound and outbound communication, all depending on efficiency and costs. LCR is implemented by created a routing table that has the telephone dial codes with a list of possible destination. A routing table can be made by a technician or by software. It builds automated least-cost routing table, containing millions of routes, starting from the cheapest rate.

VoIP or voice-over IP technology, delivers voice communications and multimedia sessions via the internet. VoIP sends voice information in digital form as condensed packets. The advantage of using VoIP is that it avoids tolls charged by telephone services. PBX can improve efficiency and productivity of your company or small business. After searching VoIP services in Matawan, NJ, you will find a qualified and professional phone company. A phone company will be able to answer any additional questions you may have about PBX software and voice-over IP technologies. An online phone company will also be able to provide additional information or assist in installing a PBX phone system.

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