PBX Auto Attendant


For those looking to streamline their business, a cloud hosted PBX auto attendant is a great replacement for a real receptionist or call attendant. Virtual attendants give you the freedom to see messages left for you on cloud servers and give you the ability to bring customers into your business quickly and efficiently. A cloud hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) will create a virtual attendant that is capable of directing calls to best avoid voicemail using an attendant console. It also means that customers calling into your real estate, construction, medical offices or other type of small business will be met with a consistent greeting from a voice that never loses its temper.

A call attendant also gives customers or other callers, including clients, employees and contractors, easy access to a searchable directory. A PBX auto attendant gives you more flexibility to customize your customers’ experience. Virtual attendants are great for large or small business phone systems, giving managers and employees more freedom to dictate which calls make it through and prioritize for maximum efficiency.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) small business phone systems come with lots of features that are customizable specifically for your business. Cloud hosted PBX VoIP systems are equipped with disaster recovery, scalability, and easy web based administration. They’re also easy to set up if you’re thinking of changing offices and want a phone system that can travel with you.

Oftentimes, VoIP PBX systems have higher definition sound as well, which means cleaner and easier conference calling and less wasted time trying to understand what someone’s saying on the phone. But having more features shouldn’t be the only draw towards using a new phone system. Not only are VoIP systems equipped with an array of features that put analog PBX systems to shame, many New Jersey and Manhattan VoIP providers can save you 80 percent on the price tag of a traditional system.

If you run a business in New Jersey or New York City, NJ PBX operators and services setting up Manhattan VoIPs can help. NJ PBX operators can bring you the service that your business craves (even though you might not know it yet). With an efficient phone system, nearly everything will run more smoothly for your business. Communication is the key, and in the competitive climate of Manhattan, VoIP systems could mean the difference between life and death for your business.

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