NYC Phone Services For Business


A hosted VOIP system is beneficial to businesses, but what about an automated phone system? What’s the difference and is one more valuable over the other? An automated phone system is actually a service offered by some of the best VOIP phone system providers. It’s a service that interacts with callers and helps them get to the employee or department they need. There are usually three different types of an automated phone system: outbound, inbound, and hybrid. These types are exactly what they seem: an outbound system places calls, an inbound system answers calls, and the hybrid is a hosted VOIP phone system that can handle both inbound and outbound calls.

There are a number of different situations in which an automated phone system can benefit your business. An outbound automated phone system can deliver marketing messages or emergency messages to customers. Of course, it has to be done right. Automated messages have a high potential of becoming annoying, so the message needs to be something that’s really relevant to the customer. The inbound automated phone system is used in place of having a secretary, administrative assistant, or someone to monitor and route the calls. Using an inbound automated phone system allows the computer to take care of all of that. It can even interact with customers and ensure they find the right department.

A hybrid hosted VOIP phone system allows you to customize the settings. You can do things like set the amount of rings and direct the lines to different departments. The flexibility and ability to personalize is one of the biggest advantages to a business phone system. Upper East Side businesses in particular, will benefit because of the heavy amounts of business they do over the phone. New York City businesses are always dealing with customers and an automated phone system makes it easier for them to accomplish what they need to accomplish.

Using an automated phone system will save you money and employee time. You won’t have to pay someone to sit in front of the phone or train someone to use the system. The automated phone system will route calls for you based on customer input. There are different levels of service you can choose from, depending on what your business needs, but all you need is an SIP phone to get started. You can even set up a virtual phone number so customers can place calls long-distance.

hosted VOIP phone system is a valuable and powerful tool for businesses that extends beyond just having multiple phone lines. Take advantage of an automated phone system to see just how organized and profitable it keeps your business.

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