Hosted PBX


VOIP PBX services are among the most commonly used phone services for businesses. PBX stands for private branch exchange and it’s a switching system that connects the public with the business and the business’s employees with each other. There are different ways to connect with a VOIP PBX line, including through a telephone set, fax machine, or computer. At first, a PBX phone system was popular because it was inexpensive. It didn’t cost a lot for internal phone calls and it was also a way to keep costs low for external calls to or from customers. Overall, a PBX phone system is cheaper both initially and in regards to ongoing costs.

The calls are hosted by the telephone service providers, which means you won’t have to handle any of the updates or technological problems that occur while you have the system in place. Additionally, telephone service providers use hosted PBX phones with landlines, mobile phones, or VOIP phone services. This means a PBX phone system works with your current set up and you won’t have to make many changes. That’s ideal because, as mentioned, it keeps the initial installation costs low.

Hosted PBX phones allow for a local number consumers can call. They’ll reach a secretary or an automated phone system, the latter of which has it’s own set of advantages. The secretary can then route the call and ensure it gets to the right person. If the caller reaches an automated system, they are given the opportunity to enter the extension number of the employee they are trying to reach. A PBX phone system also allows for call queuing, so the customer will be informed as to the volume of calls and a potential wait time. It makes the entire experience much more organized and hassle-free for everyone involved.

What is VOIP PBX?

VOIP PBX is another benefit of these telephone service providers. Voice-over IP phone systems allow the calls to be made over an Internet connection, as opposed to using local telephone service providers. It’s an ideal way to keep costs down and keep your lines free. For a business, a PBX phone system is clearly the best choice, no matter what level of service you need.

Choosing telephone service providers

Ultimately, you want to make sure you’re going to get what you need from the telephone service providers, which means looking at each one critically. Find out what services are being offered and what the cost will be. Is it worth it to get a package with services you won’t use, just because it’s the cheapest one for the services you will use? Telephone service providers may be able to offer you a deal for other services as well, creating a customized phone plan for your business.

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