Conference Calling With VoIP


Any business that handles multiple clients needs to communicate with them frequently. Specialized technology is required so you can speak to several people at the same time. Conference phones were built specifically for this task, and with VoIP you’ll have the best conference-calling features.

What Are Conference Phones?

Conference phones allow several people to talk to each other on the same line. While some cell phones have the ability to conference in 2 to 3 people on one call, their conference-calling features are limited. They also have poor sound quality. It’s unprofessional to have less-than-adequate calling features.

With most conference calls, you can contact one person and then add another to the call. However, businesses use conference call service providers to help them obtain what is known as a “conference bridge,” which is a machine that links phones together. Every participant simply needs to call the number that connects to the conference bridge in order to communicate with everyone else.

Benefits of VoIP Conference Call Service Providers

As a business you are going to need access to telephone conferencing. It’s important to have client, internal, and project meetings on the regular basis. However, with busy schedules, it is almost impossible for business owners, clients, or employees to meet in person. This is why conference calls are used by many businesses.

If you are going to spend money on conference phones, VoIP is your best bet. Plenty of conference call service providers use VoIP to power their service. What are the benefits of VoIP? With conference phones, VoIP allows you to call people from great distances over the internet. Using the internet makes is much cheaper than paying regular phone rates.

VoIP also provides better sound quality with their calls. With regular phones, the sound quality is often an afterthought. You need to communicate effectively with your clients. A VoIP-dedicated conference phone can have HD quality sound. Everyone comes in clear, and meetings run smoothly.

Buying Conference Phones?

At VoiceNEXT we carry some of the best VoIP conference phones. You can browse through a substantial catalog of phones that will help move business operations forward. Whether you work in real estate, at a law firm, medical office, or in hospitality, we are confident we’ll find the right phone for you. Our host PBX is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate. Contact VoiceNEXT, and we can tell you about all of our conference-calling features.

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