Integrating VoIP with Additional Applications

If you already have VoIP installed at your organization, you may be interested to know what further uses you can put the technology to. All organizations are interested in accomplishing more with less, and that certainly includes VoIP. Once you’ve become comfortable with all the features available through VoIP, the logical next step is to Read more


Innovative Office Uses of VoIP

In the past, most businesses purchased their phone service in the same way that they would arrange for any other utility service needed. The specific vendor that provided your service didn’t really matter much, because most of those services were exactly the same, so the real differentiating factor was usually cost. Even with the arrival Read more


Handling Robocalls With VoIP

One of the most appealing features of a VoIP system is its ability to handle a huge volume of phone calls, including both inbound and outbound calls. But these features which are loved by all businesses that have VoIP installed, are also targets for scammers, in large part simply because of their popularity. If you Read more


Features You Should Have on Your Business Phones

If your business is contemplating a switch to a VoIP phone system, part of the project will be purchasing new VoIP phones. These are available in a wide variety of configurations, and as you might guess, a pretty broad price range as well. At the low end are relatively inexpensive units at $50 each, and Read more


Choosing a Good VoIP Provider

The VoIP business is booming currently, and for proof of that, you don’t need to look any further than to check on the number of providers competing to offer service to businesses. While it’s great to have a number of options when you’re looking for a provider, it can also be a little bit daunting Read more


Future Advances for VoIP Communication Technology

A futuristic computer interface symbolizes the future of communication technology.

Most really worthwhile inventions and innovations go through identifiable stages before they are finally replaced by something even better. In the earliest stage, only the most creative and innovative people will be using the new invention, and in the next stage, the first real wave of users discovers the value of the new product as Read more


Hosted VoIP or On-Site – Which has Better Network Security?

A technician surveys his server room while contemplating network security.

There has always been a debate about whether hosted VoIP systems are better or on-site systems, and the bottom line on the overall debate is that it really depends on the specific requirements of the enterprise installing VoIP, and network security factors into this equation. There isn’t much doubt that it’s a lot easier in Read more


How a Virtual Phone Number Can Increase Your Local and Global Presence

A professional interacts with a touchscreen display symbolizing a virtual phone number.

Using a virtual phone number has been made possible because of the nature of VoIP technology, and they represent a considerable improvement in some ways, over the constrained nature of landline phone numbers. When you have a landline phone number, it will be necessary to call your phone company and make a specific request to Read more


Maintaining Service Quality for Your Phone System With VoIP

A female professional confers with a colleague by phone, a process which would be hampered by insufficient service quality.

In the early days of VoIP technology, quality of service (QoS) was an issue which hindered its widespread adoption. Businesses were not inclined to switch to the new technology and take a step backward with regard to the service quality of phone calls, because that would reflect badly on the company, and possibly cause a Read more


Quality Assurance via Customer Service Call Barging

A set of interlocking gears symbolizes the integral nature of quality assurance.

Call barging is one of the features that can be extremely useful and effective for contact centers and sales organizations, where it sometimes becomes necessary to monitor phone calls. It can be used as a tool for supervisors and sales managers to keep track of how well new sales personnel are doing, it can be Read more