Benefits of a Hosted PBX System


If you are looking for an online PBX phone system with voice-over-IP functions, look up VoIP services in NJ. For your small business to keep up with technology, yet control and grow your finances, it is vital to have a business telephone system. A hosted PBX system is a newer type of business telephone system that is used more often. A business telephone system is a multiline telephone system, involving systems ranging from telephone systems to large-scale private branch exchanges. These systems gives businesses features, such as answering machine functions, automatic call accounting, caller ID, remote service operations, speed dialing, and implementable specific limitations.

An online PBX phone system (private branch exchange) serves private businesses or companies, and concentrates all central office lines. This provides intercommunication between all of the company’s telephone stations. When installing a PBX phone system, the system may come with housing or closets for system storage, a console or a switchboard, interconnecting wires and cables, logic cards, switching and control cards, power cards, microcomputers, telco trunks that deliver signal to and from the PBX, telephone lines or sets, the PBX’s internal switching network, and an uninterruptible power supply.

Since the creation of voice-over-IP technologies, the development of PBX has moved towards IP PBX, using the internet protocol to make and answer calls. This development of technology pushed conference calling, call forwarding, and programmable caller ID into more common use. In addition, today PBX phone systems come with a large number of available functions. Some of these features include: auto attendant, auto dialing, call distributor, call blocking, call forwarding, call logging, call park, call transfer and waiting, conference calling, direct inward dialing, and voice mail. Hosted PBX systems allow business owners to have a PBX phone system using equipment located in a telephone exchange or provider’s data center. This eliminates the need for a business owner to buy or install clunky PBX equipment. This allows employees to work independently from home. You can even choose to have no physical location for your company, with all employees working remotely on the same network.

The benefits to having a PBX phone system is an affordable hosted PBX cost, consolidation, and access to hosted PBX solutions. Due to having fewer repairs and downtime expenses, hosted PBX cost is lower. A hosted telephone requires almost no complex infrastructure, because it delivers telecommunications via your internet connection. Having hosted PBX solutions comes standard for hosted telephone systems. The maintenance of the PBX system is outsourced in an off-site location. This eliminates a need for an in-house team and equals in more uptime, because the PBX system doesn’t need to be offline for maintenance, updates, or repairs. To equip your business with what it needs to improve its communications, search VoIP services in NJ, for the quality and professionalism of a phone systems company.

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