Switching To Hosted PBX


What is PBX, and what is hosted PBX? It’s a business telephone system, which offers flexibility and expandability. Unlike traditional PBX business phone systems, a virtual PBX system, also known as a hosted or cloud PBX, is a business phone system hosted on remote servers. This gives it the voice clarity of high definition TV, while also allowing for expandability, should your workforce grow. A cloud PBX also means that a business can have a single phone system for two remote locations, or with routing to employee cell phones.

What that means is that a virtual PBX has all the advantages of a traditional phone system, and none of the weaknesses. What is PBX? It’s an old system, and it’s being upgraded to the HD format with virtual PBX.

Switching to VoIP and virtual PBX is easy, and it means that employees can have access to things like voicemail anywhere that internet exists. You can also control access to your phone system online, anywhere in the world.

Because of bandwidth efficiency, and low costs, cloud technology is proving a popular destination for business looking for options in the business phone system market. Since 2008, 80 percent of PBX systems installed have been cloud PBX. Overhead costs are also lower, benefitting from reduction in communication and infrastructure costs overall, which include routing calls over existing data networks and the ability to transmit more than one audio signal over a single line. Switching to VoIP is easy because that’s where businesses are headed, and with good reason.

VoIP systems have user interfaces that are simple and intuitive, and these systems can be run personal computer and many other types of devices.

For businesses in Manhattan, VoIP isn’t just convenient; it’s an important part of staying competitive. With businesses everywhere switching to a more fluid model for employees and offices alike, VoIP follows emerging trends in business. Employees working from home or away at a conference can still receive calls meant to be routed to them, which makes VoIP the easiest way to connect employees to customers and clients.

New York, which relies on the fluidity of fast paced and adaptive environments, is an ideal place for cloud PBX. Manhattan VoIP services are an extension of the New York lifestyle, and bosses should be able to receive company calls while stuck in traffic in Midtown. VoIP providers include high quality audio, loudspeaker paging and simplicity in conference calling. If you’re stuck in traffic in Midtown, VoIP can be an invaluable tool for you and your clients.

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