VoiceNext for Real Estate

Effective Communications are critical in real estate. Availability and responsiveness are essential for agents, mortgage brokers, and contract attorneys. With VoiceNEXT services, real estate professionals and staff are given the tools to accelerate deal closure and drive new revenue opportunities.

VoiceNEXT service delivers results by offering professionals and staff a suite of innovative and enhanced voice services that support activities in the office and the field. More importantly, VoiceNEXT services can work to better coordination interactions between the office and field for more productive overall branch operations.

Real Estate Communications Challenges

Real Estate transactions involve many moving parts: including buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, attorneys, a more. Mobile phones added to business lines add up to multiple numbers per person. To add to the challenge, communications are typically mixed between the field and the office.

With deals that often hinge on a single phone call, real estate firms need voice services that meet their unique mix of requirements. Current service offerings, whether Centrex or site-based PBXs, typically lack the features, especially the ability to bridge mobile and office lines.

VoiceNEXT offers a full range of web-configurable features that simplify communications, enabling staff to determine how, when, and where they are available. Capabilities important to real estate firms include One Number, Mobility, Multi-Site Support, and Unified Messaging.

VoiceNEXT Savings

Real Estate firms might be surprised to add up the total cost of maintenance, service, and support of their existing PBX or Key Systems. Add that to the likelihood that these systems are used less and less in favor of more expensive mobile services, and it suggests that firms are spending more than they need to.

VoiceNEXT service removes the layers of support and maintenance equipment costs necessary with PBX and Key System. VoiceNEXT can also simplify communications management and reduce costs by providing both voice and data services over a single channel. VoiceNEXT services are so powerful and easy to manage that it will drive call volume back to the office line, reducing mobile expenses. Some estimates show that VoiceNEXT service can save firms 30% or more on total communications costs while delivering better service.

VoiceNEXT Service Bundles

VoiceNEXT service offers the option of an inclusive bundle of voice and data services. Typical packages include connectivity, generous quantity of local and long distance minutes, enhanced voice features, IP data connectivity, and data services.

For firms with multiple offices, service bundles are matched to the office size and staff requirements, whether it's a home office that needs business-grade DSL or a branch with multiple T1s. VoiceNEXT offers a consistent set of features to all employees regardless of location. VoiceNEXT can even offer services to sites that want to keep their existing PBX.

Contact Info

For information about VoiceNEXT service, please contact us at 888.369.6398 or info@voiceNEXT.com. Learn which VoiceNEXT package best suits your firm's needs. Rapid installation and low up front costs deliver quick financial returns. Proven training materials enable staff take advantage of new service to achieve faster deal closure and increased gross revenue.

Key VoiceNEXT Capabilities