VoiceNext for Medical Offices

VoiceNEXT provides enhanced telecom services for the unique requirements of medical offices. These services exceed the capabilities of PBXs without the management overhead and risk.

With VoiceNEXT service, medical offices can improve patient satisfaction, streamline operations, and increase staff work flexibility. VoiceNEXT package are available that include both voice and data services along with voice features that integrate multiple secondary sites, home offices, and remote staff.

Medical Office Challenges

Medical offices support a range of activities that include patient check-in, scheduling, records management, treatment, referrals, diagnosis, and testing. Sometimes the bottleneck in completing these activities is a quick phone call. VoiceNEXT provides intelligent call routing, meet-me conferencing, along with attendant and directory services that efficiently connect callers and speed task completion.

Medical offices are increasingly adopting new technologies to improve operations. These technologies often introduce complications and usability issues. In contrast, VoiceNEXT provides new capabilities without sacrificing simplicity. Services are configured in real-time with an intuitive web interface.

Finally, office operations revolve around doctors, nurses, administrators, lab staff, and others. Each job is different and needs tailored communications support. VoiceNEXT provides enhanced calling features that can be tailored to support mobility, work-at-home, selective accept/reject that each position might require.

VoiceNEXT Economics

VoiceNEXT offers significant savings for medical offices. When compared with the costs for PBX maintenance and support, lease expenses, line connectivity, telephone numbers, long distance/local minutes, and any carrier services fees, VoiceNEXT can offer as much as 30% savings. With certain packages, VoiceNEXT can also address existing data service costs and offer Quality of Service (QOS) guarantees.

VoiceNEXT also addresses the problem of managing multiple vendors. VoiceNEXT packages include most of the services most medical offices need, eliminating management overhead of different vendors. VoiceNEXT also enables offices to merge voice and data networks and eliminate maintenance costs for two sets of wiring. For offices that prefer to keep existing telephones, VoiceNEXT supports many digital phones and all analog phones while still delivering enhanced services.

VoiceNEXT Service Bundles

Typical VoiceNEXT packages include connectivity, generous quantity of local and long distance minutes, enhanced voice features, IP data connectivity, and data services.

For firms with multiple offices, service bundles are matched to the office size and staff requirements, whether it’s a home office that needs business-grade DSL or a larger site with multiple T1s. VoiceNEXT offers a consistent set of features to all staff regardless of location.

Contact Info

For information about VoiceNEXT service, please contact us at (888) 369-NEXT or info@voicenext.com. Learn which VoiceNEXT package best suits your firm's needs. Rapid installation and low up front costs deliver quick financial returns. Proven training materials enable staff take advantage of new service to achieve faster deal closure and increased gross revenue.

Key VoiceNEXT Capabilities