VoiceNext for Hospitality

VoiceNEXT offers voice services tailored for hotels, bed & breakfasts, extended stay, and other hospitality providers. Enhanced features provide unique capabilities that differentiate voice service from traditional room lines. In addition, these services help justify cost-effective voice/data network convergence and eliminate the problems managing premises-based switching equipment.

VoiceNEXT features operate with leading display handsets to provide a convenient graphical user interface (GUI) for patrons. Handset-based GUIs can deliver banner messages, room-specific messages, advertisements, FAQ lists, and/or checkout capabilities. With calling packages increasingly added as a point-of-registration service, call capabilities and service perception are strong sources of added revenue.

Hospitality Communications Challenges

With mobile phones as a growing alternative to room telephones, hospitality providers face multiple challenges. Telecom service revenue and margins have declined while market segmentation has required more tailored service to meet patron expectations. For example, leading hotel chains now offer packages of high-speed data access and local/national calling. Some patrons expect these services and will pay a premium for the right service bundles.

Increased segmentation is requiring greater service differentiation. Hotel chains now offer more grades of service and amenities aimed at specific patrons, such as suites or extended stays apartments. Hospitality providers need the flexibility to offer grades of voice service that match. They also need the ability to change capabilities to respond to competitors. This type of flexibility are challenging for premises-based equipment.

VoiceNEXT Economics

Hospitality telecom costs typically include upfront costs for equipment & phones, maintenance costs, and support service contracts. In addition, sites require connectivity for voice and data lines as well as local/long distance minutes and bandwidth. These services are often split among multiple vendors, requiring added management oversight.

VoiceNEXT eliminates maintenance, support, and capital costs required to operate premises equipment. VoiceNEXT simplifies management with single point of contact for all communications issues and reduces monthly charges by offering voice and data services over a single channel. For new construction, building costs are reduced through a single wiring plan. For chains, a consistent service set is available across properties, giving patrons a consistent experience regardless of the site.

VoiceNEXT service is often delivered in a complete service package. When compared to the total cost of managing premises equipment, some estimates show that VoiceNEXT service can save firms 30% or more while delivering better service. It may also be possible to replace existing premises equipment but keep the phones. Other incremental migration plans are available that can preserve some existing investments, limit disruption, but offer the advantages of VoiceNEXT enhanced features.

VoiceNEXT Service Bundles

VoiceNEXT offers service bundles that simplify communications management. These packages might include connectivity, telephone numbers, local/national/international minutes, bandwidth, voice features, voice messaging, and service/support. These service packages provide patron support and also support the specific needs of hospitality staff whether its service center and/or hosted PBX functionality.

VoiceNEXT service enables voice/data convergence and offers hospitality new communications capabilities. VoiceNEXT combines with display phones and point-of-registration service offerings to bring call traffic back to the room line. VoiceNEXT operates with a variety of leading phone vendors such as Cisco, Mitel, Polycom, and Siemens. Display phones offer users varying degrees of "always-on" internet access, important notices, or advertisements. Higher-end phones offer business-grade speaker and microphone for conferencing and hands-free convenience.

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For information about VoiceNEXT service, please contact us at (888) 369-NEXT or info@voiceNEXT.com. Learn which VoiceNEXT package best suits your firm's needs. Rapid installation and low up front costs deliver quick financial returns. Proven training materials enable staff take advantage of new service to achieve faster deal closure and increased gross revenue.

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