VoiceNext for Contractors

Contractors are increasingly asked to juggle sales calls, project logistics, and customer issues. With tightening build schedules and higher value projects, the cost of delays has grown while the margin for error decreased. VoiceNEXT communications services address these challenges and provide a rich set of enhanced voice services for contractors.

VoiceNEXT offers web-configurable communications services for contractors that include attendant tools, unified messaging, and mobility features. These services are available without the cost and limitations of premises-based equipment. With these services, contractors can reduce their total cost of communications, increase revenue, and improve operating performance.

Contractors Communications Challenges

If equipment breaks down or supplies are delayed, the contractor needs to quickly revise plans and relocate workers. To manage these types issues, VoiceNEXT offers mobility services that increase contractor availability. VoiceNEXT also offers attendant tools and "hotline" services that enable office staff to manage less urgent call traffic.

Incoming calls are a major source of new customers and follow-on revenue for contractors. Rapid and accurate call processing is the first step towards closing new business. VoiceNEXT supports office staff with web-based line-status monitoring and automatic overflow to an IVR. Larger operations can also manage incoming call traffic through a web-based service-center application that provides automatic call distribution across a pool of attendant resources.

To build a reputation for customer satisfaction, being responsive is often as important as completing jobs on time and within budget. VoiceNEXT provides call acceptance or forward based on incoming ID, enabling contractors to prioritize customer contacts. VoiceNEXT also provides feature-rich unified messaging features that enable contractors to manage, forward, and answer messages more rapidly.

It is often challenging to scale operations and serve larger geographies with multiple offices. With VoiceNEXT, contractors with multiple sites can receive a consistent, integrated service set across sites.. These features improve inter-site communications and enable contractors to more effectively service a larger geography at a lower cost.

VoiceNEXT Economics

VoiceNEXT removes the layers of support and maintenance costs necessary with PBX and Key System. VoiceNEXT can also simplify communications management and reduce costs by providing both voice and data services over a single channel.

VoiceNEXT offers the benefits of service bundling of voice and data services to give you guaranteed Quality of Service (QOS). Voice packages include connectivity, national/local minutes, unified messaging, and feature-functionality. Some estimates show that VoiceNEXT service can save contractors 30% or more on total communications costs.

Contact Info

For information about VoiceNEXT service, please contact us at (888) 369-NEXT or info@VoiceNEXT.com. Learn which VoiceNEXT package best suits your company's needs. Rapid installation and low up front costs deliver quick financial returns. Proven training materials enable staff take advantage of new service to achieve rapid productivity gains.

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