VoiceNext for Consultants

Effective voice communications are critical in consulting. VoiceNEXT services support every phase of consulting projects, surpassing the capabilities of traditional PBXs. These services enable consultants to improve mobility, client support, and team productivity.

VoiceNEXT also supports the intense dynamics of consulting firms. Every consultant and team leader has access to an intuitive web interface to manage their services in real-time. For administrators, VoiceNEXT web-configurability also enables the rapid addition of services, users, and sites to support changing projects or new office configurations.

VoiceNEXT enhanced voice services are typically bundled with data services. With VoiceNEXT bundles, consulting firms receive guaranteed Quality of Service (QOS), better capabilities, single vendor simplicity, and cost savings.

Consulting Communications Challenges

Client satisfaction is critical. VoiceNEXT can provide the client sponsor with priority access to account managers or partners. Service center packages, IVR, and attendant services ensure general client issues are quickly routed to appropriate staff for resolution. These features reduce account management issues and can speed project completion.

Wireless service is the primary means of connecting remote/traveling consultants; yet, it typically is separate from fixed line service and creates multiple contact numbers per person. This confusion increases the likelihood of missed calls and unresolved issues. VoiceNEXT addresses the management of multiple numbers by "mobility" and "one-number" services that forward or simultaneously ring mobile and/or remote lines (without any configurations to wireless service).

VoiceNEXT also improves consultant productivity, driving more effective work with clients and between internal team members. As an example, web conferencing enables team to rapidly setup team/client meetings from multiple locations.

VoiceNEXT Savings

Although consulting firms vary in size and focus, most recognize the benefits of deploying leading communications technology. Accustomed to paying early-adopter premiums, consulting firms are often surprised that VoiceNEXT delivers savings in addition to so many new capabilities.

Typical communications costs include equipment/phone leases (or depreciation), maintenance, support, access, and minutes. VoiceNEXT offers the immediate advantage of bundling these services and into a flat monthly rate per user. With voice/data bundles, VoiceNEXT can deliver 30%+ savings versus the equivalent costs of existing equipment and services.

VoiceNEXT also simplifies communications management and reduces costs by consolidating vendors. VoiceNEXT services are so powerful and easy to manage that it will drive call volume back to the office line, reducing mobile expenses. Add the increases in consultant productivity and availability, and VoiceNEXT economics are even more compelling.

Contact Info

For information about VoiceNEXT service, please contact us at (888) 369-NEXT or info@voicenext.com. Learn which VoiceNEXT package best suits your firm's needs. Rapid installation and low up front costs deliver quick financial returns. Proven training materials enable staff take advantage of new service to achieve more rapid productivity increases and greater billability.

Key VoiceNEXT Capabilities