What VoIP Features Are You Missing?

Businesses should be sure to have some of these special VoIP features, including these few things that can benefit any company.

Custom Music for Clients on Hold

You never really want your customers to be on hold for very long, but it happens. When it does, VoIP gives you the opportunity to soothe them with the music of your choice. You can also seamlessly throw in some important reminders, such as telling them what they should have ready for the representative, or perhaps an announcement to let the customer know they may be able to take care of their issue on your website.

Tip: Don’t have abrupt pauses when switching between music and dialogue. It sounds like someone has picked up, and this can be frustrating to a caller if it happens several times while they wait.

Conference Calling

With a top-notch VoIP service, you can add an unlimited number of callers, and thus boost productivity. Stop having to leave your desk for meetings that can be held over the phone. There’s no need to worry about learning how to “bridge someone in.” This is conference calling made simple.

Never Miss a Call

You can literally make your calls follow you from your desk to mobile and even to another number. You don’t have to worry about being away from the desk when that important call comes in.

Recording Calls

Recording calls for future playback serves two very vital purposes in business. First, it is a great way to train new customer service reps or sales people, and you can even monitor the calls as they happen for additional assurance. A second great use is for playback in case of a discrepancy. No more, “Well, I was told that the last time I called.”

Email Notification Features

Don’t miss that voicemail just because the call came to your desk. Get email notifications of your voicemail, and even read the message transcribed right from whatever device you happen to have handy. You won’t even have to wait to find a quiet room to listen to your messages. Your faxes can also be forwarded to your email.

Most businesses that switch to VoIP wonder how they got by for so long without these and other important features.

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