VoIP: The Small Business Advantage

At VoiceNEXT, we understand that new businesses are born every day. With that in mind, companies like these are always looking for a way to expand. We’re more than happy to walk any small business through the intricacies of internet telephony, explaining how VoIP can benefit their particular establishment. After all, every single one of our clients is highly valued. VoIP is the future of telephone communication and if you are new to the industry, let us explain the advantage of upgrading your telecommunications system.

A Connected Office

Everyone has their responsibilities in the office. To maintain customer satisfaction, you have to ensure that calls are directed to the right people. A VoIP phone system will connect all of your employee to the same network. This feature allows them to transfer customers to the right person more efficiently. It’s a standard in business communications, but it is a necessary element that your company cannot overlook. The best part is that with VoiceNEXT, our services are affordable.

Affordable Telecommunications for a Small Business

VoIP operates over the internet, bringing your phone system at the forefront of business communications and making it accessible. Its innovative technology provides your business with lower costs on long distance calling and installation fee. As a result, our services are less costly traditional phone systems and since everything operates over the internet, there is no need for bulky equipment. All you’ll need is the internet and a telephone.

Your Phone System Expands as You Do

As your business grows, so will your employees, and eventually, you’ll need your phone system to accommodate those new hires. Thankfully, expanding your company’s communications system is simple with VoIP. It’s as easy as adding a new phone to a new desk. Our hosted PBX service gives you the ability to add more phone lines without worry. And as a result, you’ll find that expanding your office communication system is easier than you think.

Amazing Features at VoiceNEXT

A telephone system is for everyone, that’s why our clients at VoiceNEXT range from real estate agents and attorneys to educational institutions and medical offices. The one thing all these different entities have in common is that they get to enjoy the amazing features that VoIP offers. For example, our selective call forwarding, filtering, and blocking can forward calls to mobile devices or directly to voicemail. This feature can even filter out and block certain calls so that you can prioritize loyal customers.

Contact VoiceNEXT Today

We believe in the potential of your business. With persistence and by providing excellent services, a small business can grow into something more. You can help your business grow faster by investing in VoIP. With our hosted PBX system, you receive reliability, scalability, flexibility, and an overall superior phone service. All of this results in a cost-effective, high-performance workplace. If you are interested in VoIP but still have questions, please contact us. VoiceNEXT is more than happy to explain to you why we should be your next phone company.

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