VoIP Helps Bring Your Brand’s Customer Service A-Game

Does your brand’s success depend on phone calls? If over-the-phone customer service is a hallmark of your industry, VoIP provides a distinct competitive advantage. VoIP is the perfect solution to your customer service needs because it couples improved service for the customer with savings for your business.

Consider some of the following features that make VoIP indispensable for customer service calls.

Recording Calls – There are many reasons why recording a customer service call is indispensable. First of all, it’s important to be able to confirm what a customer service specialist said to a caller since most call centers can’t provide the same rep if a customer calls repeatedly. This protects your business, but it also ensures that customers can trust what they’re being told. After all, the customer knows that the call is being recorded, and so the company will have to honor any agreements made.

Listening to Calls – This is vital for training customer service representatives. When you hire a new phone rep, experienced representatives can listen in, provide advice, and correct the new rep before they agree to something harmful to the company. Training representatives well means fewer calls heading up the corporate ladder. This saves time and money.

Music On Hold (MOH) – As much as you would like your customers to be instantly connected with a live account specialist, sometimes they need to hold the line. It’s best to customize what they hear while waiting. This prevents customers from getting bored and frustrated, keeping them more agreeable for when your employees takes their calls.

Whether you are training a new employee, settling a dispute over something said in a call, or keeping your customers occupied while they wait for the next available representative, VoIP can save you time and money with valuable customer service features. If you’re not yet using VoIP at your business, now is the time to set up a phone system that helps your company provide superior customer service.

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