Knowing When to Upgrade Your Phone System

When it becomes apparent that your company would benefit significantly by having a more robust phone system to conduct business with, it might be that it's costing you more by not electing to upgrade.

The worst time to discover that you need to upgrade your business phone system is at a point where you’re already six months or a year too late in making the decision. This scenario can result in lost business, overworked employees, and a phone system maxed out to its utmost capabilities, and simply has not been delivering the kind of performance you need. Here are some warning signs that will tell you it’s time to upgrade your phone system, perhaps to a Voice over IP system, before your business gets overwhelmed, and you actually start losing valuable business as a result.

Can’t Access Calls from External Locations

If there’s one thing that characterizes business today, it’s that a lot more people are on the go in their daily routines, and are not performing their jobs from fixed locations every day. This, of course, creates some obvious logistical problems regarding productivity and making use of available business technology to accomplish work tasks.

When your company has employees who are on the road frequently, you need to have a phone system which can accommodate that kind of flexibility. You don’t have to provide every employee with a cell phone to manage the scenario–all you have to do is set up a phone system which would forward any of your employees’ calls to their temporary location, or to their personal cell phones.

Lack of Technology is Holding You Back

When it becomes apparent that your company would benefit significantly by having a more robust phone system to conduct business with, it might be that it’s costing you more by not upgrading, than it would if you invested in a capable phone system.

For instance, if you have organizations around the country or the globe, meetings and conferences can be a nightmare without some medium such as video conferencing to keep everyone on the same page. The cost of sending employees on the road to any of your other locations is undoubtedly going to be significantly more than it would be for your employees to have face-to-face teleconference sessions with colleagues in some other company organization.

All Lines are Busy

Over time, it can happen that the phone system which you started out with, and which was entirely capable at the time, has become merely taxed beyond its technological limits with the volume of incoming calls you’re getting. While it’s an excellent thing to have such an increase in the amount of incoming calls, it can be a pretty bad thing when you don’t have lines free to return those calls.

As your business grows, your phone system needs to scale right along with it, and you should periodically evaluate the performance of your phone system so that you can determine whether or not it’s still performing as you need it to. If the time has come to increase performance and capability, you should look to upgrade to a Voice over IP system that will capably handle that increased volume of business.

You’re Moving

One of the best times to install a brand-new ultra-capable phone system for your business is when you’re faced with the prospect of having to make a move. This typically occurs for a small business which has been growing for several years and needs to move to a larger location to accommodate that growth. There’s going to be certain amount of unavoidable chaos associated with a business move anyway, so having a new phone system installed which will provide the performance that you need to handle a growing business, makes a lot of sense.

Installing a new Voice over IP system is the perfect way to increase the number of phone lines you have, and to make use of the most modern telephony features that can add value to your business. Supplying your company employees with this kind of new technology can also be a significant boost to their productivity, to keep your growing business on track.

You may also find that your customers are pretty happy with the upgrade in technology of your phone system since for most of them, calls will be the primary method of contact. When your company has to move, there really couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of the circumstances and install that new phone system which will enable future growth.

Additional Business Locations

This scenario is similar to the one where you’re moving to a new location, in that any other remote offices or sites you’re adding on, should start out with the most capable telephony system. This is especially true if many new locations will be added on over the coming months, since the communications requirements will undoubtedly be higher, and the need for advanced business features from a phone system will also be at a premium. Mainly when your company is adding on a significant number of new remote locations, it just might make sense to revamp the phone system for the entire organization and get everyone on the same page with an advanced new telephone system.

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