Would a Toll-Free Number Benefit Your Business?

A series of sign posts direct a customer to the easiest path, namely the use of a toll-free number.

Customer service can be a big part of any company’s overall business approach. In a market where many of the products offered are similar, it’s often the level of customer service that serves as the differentiating factor. Some business owners and managers are keenly aware of this fact and make it a significant component of their marketing and advertising strategy. When most of the competition is selling products very similar to your own, one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the crowd is to provide superior customer service. A good start in offering this kind of assistance is to provide your customers with a toll-free number which they can use to contact you for help, or to register a complaint. The reason the toll-free number is so valuable is that it allows the customer to call your company free of charge, and this can be a big selling point for the purchaser.

Without the toll-free number, they’d be forced to call you at their own expense, and that could trigger some animosity, or reluctance to call at all. By providing your customers with a toll-free number, you make it clear to them that you care about their issues, and that you are willing to pay to hear what they have to say. Listed below are some other advantages of providing toll-free numbers for your clients.


With a toll-free telephone number, you can be very flexible with the physical location of your business, meaning that no matter where your company is, the phone number will stay the same. That means that a big part of your customer service is entirely independent of any physical location.

In addition to that, when you secure a toll-free number, you will be provided with a call forwarding service that will send all calls to a device of your choice. Every mobile device you choose can be anywhere at all, which means that your customer service representative can be on call 24/7, 365 days a year. This alone can help improve your customer service and your buyers’ perspective of your company – a company that cares.

Cost Reduction

You can reduce your costs significantly by purchasing a toll-free number. The subscription will usually be available at a reasonable price rate, and you will be entitled to a number of other services in addition to conventional call management. At no extra cost, you can receive voicemail, disaster recovery coverage, and messaging center benefits.

Your toll-free center can be managed by one or two employees, which is likely less than the number of assistants required to take regular customer service calls. This, in turn, yields more cost reduction because you won’t need to train any extra customer service representatives. That will also mean you are paying fewer employees to manage that particular function.

Advantages of a Vanity Toll-Free Number

It can be convenient to your customers if you provide them with a toll-free number that is also a vanity number that spells out something relevant to your business. For instance, if you have a floral arrangement shop, you might try to secure a vanity phone number such as 800–FLO–WERS.

These can be catchy words or phrases that serve as a mnemonic device for your customers, and which helps them remember your phone number much better than they would otherwise. This can be great to use in your marketing and advertising campaigns because it can help people identify and relate to your company easier than they might with one of your competitors.

Two customer service representatives receiving calls from a toll-free number.

Your toll-free center can be managed by one or two employees, which is likely less than the number of assistants required to take regular customer service calls.

Better Marketing Analytics

When you purchase a toll-free number, you will have built-in functionality for tracking the success of your marketing advertising campaigns. It can help a great deal to monitor the effectiveness of specific campaigns, by merely recording the number of calls received on your toll-free number.

If it turns out that you get a flood of calls on that specific phone number, you’ll know that your marketing campaigns were very successful and that it makes sense to allocate additional market to similar endeavors. With the wealth of statistics derived from marketing analytics, you will gain business insights that will help you provide the most beneficial services to your customers.

Top-Notch Customer Service

When you provide your customers with a toll-free phone number which they can use to ask any questions or to seek reimbursement for a faulty product, you will be removing all reluctance on their part to make the call. This is in fact, how things should be because if anything goes wrong with the product you’ve sold, you wouldn’t want to charge your customer for the privilege of calling you to complain about it.

By making that call toll-free, you give customers a reason to be loyal to you and to come back for additional purchases. Having a toll-free number is one of the best ways to connect to your customers, and perhaps best of all, you receive all these calls at the customers’ initiative, rather than the other way around. It’s a great scenario to have when you can keep in contact with many of your customers because they want to make those calls.

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