Tips to Unify Your Business’ Communication Methods

Whether in business or in your personal life, communication is an absolute necessity. Here are some things that are important “musts” when it comes to having good communication methods in the workplace.

Be Sure to Use the Right Medium of Communication

There is a time to send a text message or use an instant messenger service, and there is a time to pick up the phone and make a call. Consider the following:

  • Instant messaging is perfect for short messages that require a quick reply. Remember that emoticons don’t replace actual human interaction, so this isn’t the place to discuss a controversial topic.
  • Email can be a great way to communicate if you need to send more information than a text can reasonably handle. Plus, it is easy to bring in other people through a cc or bcc.
  • Video conferencing is perfect for when even a phone call isn’t enough. Sometimes you need a face-to-face meeting, but can’t be in the same room.

Keep an Eye on Notifications

Even if you need everything on silent in the workplace, be sure to keep an eye on your notification to ensure that you don’t miss vital calls or go hours without responding to a critical instant message. When people are not accessible, communication breaks down quickly.

Keep Business Communications Professional

Now that business communication methods have expanded from phone calls to instant messages, emails, video conferencing, and the like, it can be easy to get away from using professional language. There’s really no place for an “LOL” in a business message. Also, you want to be properly dressed on a video call. Even if  you are working from home, it’s no excuse to join a video call in a tee shirt.

Test Your Communication Methods Before a Big Meeting

You don’t want to waste everyone’s time in a meeting because you needed to have Joe on the video call, but the connection isn’t working. This should have been tested before a bunch of important people are gathered in the room.

Technology may have made communication methods a little more complicated in some ways, but it certainly has the benefits to make up for it when used properly.

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