The Secrets of Telephone Number Success

Have you ever noticed that some toll-free numbers are virtually unforgettable while others seem impossible to remember? What makes it easier for the brain to recall some numbers but not others? It’s an important question to ask when selecting a telephone number for your business. After all, when a consumer faces a problem, they are likely to call the number they remember rather than looking one up. Here are a few tips to keep your number at the tip of a customer’s brain.

Word Conversion

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is easier for the average person to remember a 7-letter word than a string of 7 numbers. For example, 1-800-CLEANERS is way easier to recall than 1-800-253-2637. But what if you can’t find a number to match up with a word or phrase for your business? Here are some tactics to create a more memorable number.

Number Association

Most people have heard the rhyme “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Because of this, the number 1492 is easy to remember. If you can come up with a number that will easily resonate with people in your target audience, number association is a great way to create an unforgettable number.

Keep the Telephone Number Simple

Simplicity is another key. It’s a lot easier to remember just one or two numbers in a pattern. This makes combinations like 8888, 4545, and 2299 far easier to remember than random 4-digit combinations.

Advertising Methods

How you advertise your number will also determine if it gets remembered. A catchy jingle may help someone recall a random combination of digits just as easily as they would a single word. There is a certain rhythm that people associate with a phone number, and breaking away from that can be confusing. So, be sure to pay attention as to how it is spoken in any voiced promotion. Even if the number is written, pay attention to how the ad uses fonts and colors to draw appropriate attention to the number.

Repetition is the key to ensuring that consumers associate your number with your brand. Even if the ideal number for your business is taken, with a little effort you can still create an easy to remember contact number for your customers.


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