The HD Phone Quality Difference

Comparing the HD phone quality of a VoIP system to a standard telephone line should be like night and day, assuming you choose the right VoIP service. Basically, the difference in service is as clear as the difference between an HD TV and a standard-definition TV. Why is this the case?

How Does a Digital Call Work?

Your voice gets translated in data packets as you speak into the phone. Since the Internet can handle a much larger bandwidth than a standard phone line, more packets can be sent. This means that by using the proper codec, your service can transmit a much clearer version of your voice than the average telephone line. Codecs that allow for a wider band in sounds will give a clearer voice on the other end of the line since the highs and lows are not lost. It’s like the difference between listening to a song through your iPhone speakers versus using Bluetooth to play on a Bose speaker system.

Will All of My Calls Be HD Phone Quality?

The answer depends on the people who are a part of the call. If your office is all on the same VoIP system, then every in-house call should be crisp and clear. Even outgoing calls and calls that come in from other locations will be HD phone quality if the other caller is using a similar codec. However, when you are speaking to someone using a standard phone line, it won’t be HD. Going back to our TV analogy, you might have an HD TV in your home, but if you are watching a standard-definition channel, it doesn’t convert the quality to a higher definition.

Will I Really Notice a Difference?

Yes, you will. Once you are used to HD calls, you will immediately recognize that a standard-definition call is not as clear. It will suddenly make sense why people have spent years saying, “What?” into their phones.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?

Just like an HD video requires more bandwidth to stream than a standard-definition video, the same is true of HD phone calls. This requires your Internet service and network to be able to handle the expanded bandwidth needs of HD calls.

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