Upgrading Your Telephone Customer Service

At VoiceNEXT, our advanced VoIP features give your business communications plenty of exciting options. Our service is sure to provide you a better way of handling your growing client base. Unfortunately, no matter how good our telephone service is, it doesn’t account for how your company interacts with clients. Quality etiquette and telephone customer service is a must. Make sure your business is able to take full advantage our custom features by having employees who know how to provide great telephone customer service.

Be Professional

Customers can be a handful but that kind of attitude usually comes with having a grievance. Your employees have to remember that it’s their job to find a solution for people. Proper telephone etiquette will go a long way towards maintaining a positive relationship with your customers. Make sure that anything from a general inquiry to a complaint is dealt with professionally.

Your employees should answer calls promptly and politely. It is also imperative that they avoid leaving a caller on hold for long periods of time. Nothing bothers customers more than having to wait to speak to an actual person or being put on hold. After a while, the on-hold music infuriates them even more. If you must transfer or put someone on hold, ask them beforehand. Show them that you care about how they are being serviced.

Show That You Care

Nobody likes feeling slighted or ignored. Often that is the exact feeling that customers have, even before coming in contact with one of your representatives. To ease any tension between you and the customer, communicate showing that they are your number one priority. Your employees should be kind, pleasant, and caring when speaking. They should also maintain that positive attitude throughout the whole call.

Communicate Well

Another way to inspire confidence in the person you are talking to is by paying attention and staying on top of things. You want your callers to know that you are qualified to help them. Listening is a key part of understanding what someone is going through. It will also help your employee find out the kind of person they are dealing with. Be sure to find an answer quickly or let them know that you understand their frustration. This will put them at ease.

Once your employee finds a solution to a customer’s problem, they need to ensure that the customer understands the situation. Bad communication can confuse people, or even worse, make them angrier. Make sure that know what went wrong, and how the problem is going to be fixed. Your explanation should be clear, concise, and accurate.

Make Telephone Customer Service Easier

VoiceNEXT knows that difficulties of handling multiple people a day. Investing in our VoIP technology and you’ll not only save money but handle calls more efficiently. Enjoy features like call monitoring and recording, auto attendant, an advanced web-based administration system, and selective call forwarding, filtering, and blocking. In no time, you’ll be known as the professionals who can handle problems without fail. VoiceNEXT is not only your next phone company, it’ll be your last.

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