Most Common VoIP Security Issues

Three lock icons, with the middle lock icon unlocked, to symbolize vulnerabilites and VoIP security issues.

When VoIP was first introduced to the world, the security concerns were minimal. In fact, there were very few concerns at all aside from reliability, cost, and functionality. As VoIP gains traction, like any new technology, more security issues arose.  Perhaps VoIP security issues are more noticeable considering VoIP is replacing the Plain Old Telephone Read more


Ways to Assure VoIP Security for Your Company

A burglar on an computer screen and a green shield, protecting the user with the necessary VoIP Security.

VoIP security is an issue that needs to be a priority, no matter the size of the company. Any VoIP provider must make sure their network is not vulnerable.  If there is not much in terms of protection, you and your company could be vulnerable in a myriad of ways. Potential threats are varied. And Read more